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For the comic performances, François Morency, in the company of Bianca Gervais, will be able to count on several collaborators, among whom Pier-Luc Funk and Rémi-Pierre Paquin.

Failure to meet next year at the animation of the Gala les Olivier, François Morency will be as soon as Friday night at the bar, Open the quotation marks, variety show combining interviews, stand-up and improvisation.


“As Martin Petit, Michel Courtemanche and Jean-Michel Anctil, I’m a child of the improv. When I was young, the humor was not as developed as it is today ; we turned, therefore, towards the LNI on Télé-Québec. We wanted to all become Robert Gravel. It was necessary therefore, that there is a segment of improv, ” explains François Morency, met with media at Radio-Canada.


“Being a stand-up comic in life, I also wanted there to be a stand-up,” he continued. And since I find that we are a lot to ask in an interview, is to be charming, funny and touching in eight minutes, I wanted the interviews to be fun. I like to invite people to an interview who is not threatening. I confronts them only to the things they said, but never to about annoying. “


In the interview portion of Open quotation marks, François Morency asked the artists to complete their own citations. In particular, the loaned with thanks to the Jean-François Breau, Bianca Gervais, and Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin.


“Having done some interviews in my career, there is a business package that I have said, and if you asked me to complete my own sentences, I’ll probably have the same result as the guests, who can finish the sentence or give an answer that has the same meaning 50 % of the time. The talk shows that I’ve animated, we had to use this process. I find it even more funny when a person has a life-long career or started very young, ” says the facilitator.


“It is surprising and very funny to discover how the artists have not said these things, how they don’t say it this way, how they have been misquoted,” says producer Martin Métivier.

I like to make gags from photos, as I did at the last Gala les Olivier ; I had also done this in my first one-man show in 1997, in the galas and tributes. It is a comedic element that I love !
The moderator François Morency

A picture is worth a thousand words


To feed the gags, François Morency will not settle out of quotes from various interviews, but also photos taken from different publications, or published by the artists themselves on social networks.


“What we wanted to bring it up, it is the humor of Francis so that it will punch on the quotes, on the captions that accompany the photos and the choice of answers you offer. We wanted the jokes to be as important as the answers of the guests, whether it be a show humorous and not a talk show, ” reveals Martin Métivier.


“I like to make gags from photos, as I did at the last Gala les Olivier ; I had also done this in my first one-man show in 1997, in the galas and tributes. It is a comedic element that I love ! ” said François Morency.


For the comic performances, François Morency will be able to count on several collaborators, among which Mehdi Bousaidan, Anaïs Favron, Pier-Luc Funk and Rémi-Pierre Paquin. With the exception of a few numbers, improvised, including the press conference where you must answer the questions in the manner of a well-known figure, each segment is scripted by Nicolas Boucher, script editor, Philippe Gendron and Julien Trapp, with the grain of salt of different collaborators.


Among these segments, we will find a newsletter, interviews with children, such as those that led François Morency when he replaced Julie Snyder at Point J, and topos outside.” In fact, it renews the segments to each program. For example, for a segment, we are going to see Pierre Houde to show us what a analyst-sports do not look like. It varies according to the topics, the guests, according to what inspires us “, reveals Martin Métivier.


Each 22-minute episode that requires 44 minutes of filming, so there are several jokes that will disappear in the assembly. However, we can discover some of them, as the thirteenth and last episode of this first season of Open quotes will be composed of unpublished moments.


“What you must remember is that this is an original concept developed by Attraction Images, in collaboration with François, we could develop internationally,” concludes Dominique Chaloult, director general of the Tv.

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