Welt: in Germany sounded the alarm — the number of homeless people inevitably grows

Welt: в Германии забили тревогу — количество бездомных неминуемо растёт

Federal society to help the homeless sounded the alarm: in Germany the number of people without a roof over your head has grown substantially. The main reasons for a fast — growing rents and lack of preferential apartments for low-income, reports Welt. Never has living space in the big cities of Germany is not worth so much. Available apartments rented, becomes smaller. Not enough grace apartments for the poor. That is why the Federal society to assist the homeless sounded the alarm: the number of people without their own living space increased significantly. Reporting Isabella Final.

Eat a bowl of soup and warm, and the homeless find shelter in soup kitchens and social assistance at stations. Most people that come in there own living space. They spend the night with friends or on the street. They include not only pensioners and refugees, but also students.

ULRIKE RIER, an employee of the point of social assistance to the homeless at the East station in Berlin: There is a very young homeless people who came to study in Berlin. They live some time with friends, and then you realize that housing so quickly and end up on the street.

Last year in Germany there were about 680 thousand homeless. It is 28 thousand more than in 2017. The homeless are those who have no temporary dwelling: not only the homeless but also people who spend the night with friends and in social institutions. At risk is comprised primarily of single mothers and young people. Main reasons: fast-growing rents and lack of preferential apartments for the poor.

SEBASTIAN BARTELS, Berlin Association tenants: For all of Germany we need nearly a million additional preferential apartments. In Berlin there are only 100 thousand of these apartments, and we assume that half of Berliners on their claim. The situation is really critical.

Some homeless people even try to get out of the situation with the so-called couchsurfing and occasionally sleeping at a stranger. Then the search for a roof over your head starts again.

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