Went into opposition: government Democrats in Moldova announced the resignation

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva,


Government Democrats in Moldova announced his resignation. After a week of confrontation they announced about the peaceful transfer of power to a coalition of socialists and the Pro-Western bloc, betrays the correspondent of “MIR 24” Kseniya Janeeva.

Resignation to the opposition Democrats announced tonight. Before few days remained silent. Almost a week was the confrontation between the two governments: Togo, which is headed by Democrat Pavel Filip, and that is headed by Maia Sandu. Her deputies of the coalition bloc “Akum” and socialists was appointed Prime Minister.

Democrats explained, leaving the opposition – the only way out of political crisis, as opponents call for dialogue has not brought results. Vice-Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova Vladimir Cebotari said that the withdrawal of the opposition does not solve the problem of blocking the work of state agencies.

“Regardless of subsequent decisions, as much time as we have the constitutional court’s decision, this government will be illegal. And civil servants will not be able to legally carry out the decisions of such a government. They will be in a situation of legal risk. Most likely this will lead to early parliamentary elections. This is the only legitimate method of resolving the political crisis,” – said Chebotar.

Resignation immediately after briefing Democrats, said Prime Minister Paul Philip. The whole week all law enforcement agencies were following his orders and a cordon was at the government buildings and ministries.

“We are leaving deliberately. All these years we acted according to the law. The last days we respected the Constitution, we honor the basic laws of the country and took an oath three years ago that day, when he came to this position. Still we draw attention to the legal blockade. Our today’s step will not cancel the decision of the constitutional court”, declared Pavel Filip.

The decision of the Democrats to resign, the Prime Minister from the block “Akum” and socialists Maia Sandu called obvious, but belated. She promised that soon independent justice to apply sanctions to them.

“The government of Philip no longer exist, beginning from June 8. Offensive actions, blocking of state institutions, the blackmail, the law enforcement agencies to intimidate the citizens, the non-recognition of the new government’s actions will not go unpunished,” – said Sandu.

Supporters, who maintained all week the Democrats dismantled the tent camp. The entrance to the government unlocked. The socialists and the bloc “Akum” his supporters are waiting for this Sunday. In support of the new government, they invited the people to the national March.

Democrat Pavel Filip wished success to the new Prime Minister Maia Sandu and expressed hope that this government will continue the initiated social projects such as the “Good roads” and “First house”.