West bank: the largest demonstration so far against the plan, Trump

Cisjordanie: plus grande manifestation jusqu’à présent contre le plan Trump

“No palestinian State without the Jordan valley “, ” Palestine is not for sale “: thousands of people were demonstrating on Monday to Jericho, the largest gathering in the west bank since the announcement, in late January, the u.s. plan for the middle East, have found journalists from AFP.

Following the unveiling of the american project for the middle East, blasted by the leadership of the palestinian, many of the events had brought together each time, tens or a few hundreds of protesters.

The party Fatah of Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the palestinian Authority, has called for a massive mobilization in spite of the restrictions related to the new coronavirus in Jericho, arab city at the southern tip of the valley of the Jordan, near the Dead sea, west bank, occupied palestinian territory by Israel.

The plan of the administration of u.s. president Donald Trump provides for the annexation by Israel of jewish settlements and the Jordan valley, a vast agricultural plain, in the west bank, and the creation of a palestinian State on a territory reduced.

However, the leadership of the palestinian is said to have rallied international support against this project, while the government of israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu should announce that from the 1st of July its strategy to implement the american plan.

On Monday evening, thousands of people gathered in Jericho Muhammad Ichloon, 48 years old, come from the refugee camp of Aqabat Jaber, located at the exit of the city.

“I came here to protest against the annexation, because there will be more land for a palestinian State if Israel annex “, a-t-he told AFP. “We will not allow Israel to steal our land,” she said Kamal Saeed, an employee of an NGO christian living in the same camp.

“No palestinian State without the Jordan valley “, ” Palestine is not for sale “, ” the Trump will never pass “, ” international law is clear, we are here in Palestine “, could be read on placards.

“We now have with us a broad international coalition against the proposed israeli annexation of land in the west bank “, consisting of “arab countries, non-aligned countries, Africa and Europe,” said Monday to AFP the secretary general of the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (PLO), Saeb Erakat.

“No country is outside of this coalition, except Israel and the United States,” he said.

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