West recalled Zelensky, in Kiev Donbass is at war with the poor old people

Brussels called on the President to fulfil a campaign promise

Запад напомнил Зеленскому, что в Донбассе Киев воюет с нищими стариками

The European Union called on Vladimir Zelensky to fulfill the promises of social support residents of Donbass, which he declared during the election campaign. Namely, pay people pensions and to ensure their electoral right.

Demands were voiced by the head of the Department for relations with the countries of “Eastern partnership”, European external action service Richard Tibbels at the meeting of the EP delegation for Association with Ukraine in Brussels on 21 November.

He praised Kyiv for breeding forces on the frontline in the areas of settlements the Village Lugansk, gold, and of Peter, saw some “encouraging” signals and the “bold steps by the current Ukrainian authorities”.

And made two more wishes, which the EU now expect from President Zelensky and his team.

“We think that there are still things that Ukraine can do. Specifically, to enhance support for people on social issues, such as the payment of pensions to citizens outside the government’s control areas and to provide electoral rights of internally displaced persons”, — said Mr Tibbels.

And reminded that Ukraine has promised the European Union to adopt a voting rights act for such persons until the end of the year.
At the moment, the so-called “internally displaced persons”, and, simply, the immigrants from the Donbass cannot vote in the elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine through the majority system, nor in the local elections. In addition, as reported by the News Agency “Kharkov” for voting in the election of the President or the Verkhovna Rada according to party lists, they should contact the election Commission for a temporary change of vote.

The issue of pension provision for residents of Donbass, Kiev is even more cynical.

According to official data, announced by recently Verkhovna Rada Commissioner on human rights Lyudmila Denisova, the total debt to pensions to these people is 33.5 billion (almost 1.5 billion).

In turn, lawyers of charity Foundation “Right to protect” argue that at the beginning of July, non-payment of pensioners residing in non-government controlled areas of Donbass, was a total of more than 62 billion.

At the same time of 672 200 pensioners who are registered in DND, 370,000 are not able to receive a pension in Ukraine, 40% of that number disabled citizens.

But even for those who has such an opportunity, the trip “the other side” for their blood long ago turned into a real ordeal. And sometimes fatal.

The fact that pensions to residents of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics need to come to the territory of Ukraine for registration of the status of internally displaced persons. For this, they usually come to the frontline site and logged in front-line settlements. Moreover, according to Ukrainian legislation, they can’t be in the DNI and LC for more than 60 consecutive days, therefore, forced every two months to cross the border between their actual place of residence, and the localities where they have registered.

To overcome these Ukrainian checkpoints, where often created huge queues, it is possible not to all. Because for an elderly person this physical load, and each time you humiliation and stress.And here, of course, is of interest not only how to accept the request of the European Union in Kiev. But why Western curators Ukraine is still limited to only the verbal intentions. Don’t they have more effective levers to force the power of “independence” to fulfill obligations to its citizens?

As far as we know, is now in the draft state budget of Ukraine for the year 2020 the amount of debt PFCs to pensioners living in uncontrolled Donbass, were not included.

— Do not, of course, consider the statement that the Brussels officials, as demand, — commented the political scientist, the Chairman of the Committee of state building of Novorossia, Vladimir Rogov. It’s a wish. The rhetoric of the EU towards Kiev, as they always are, as we know, soft enough.

It is clear that the last accessory to what is happening in Ukraine is Merkel. Because it is not a conflict of Makron — he came back when the conflict was in full swing. This is not a conflict with many other European leaders, who are becoming more “right” or “left” — but, nevertheless, Pro-European. For the simple reason that they see what led to this policy.

And disclosure of a telephone conversation Zelensky trump even more fuel to the fire. And dispelled the last illusions about the sincerity of the Ukrainian state and transparency. All heard of his eye, he throws mud all European partners.

We also know that when the European Union is necessary to defend their interests — if, for example, with the rights of the Hungarian-speaking population of Transcarpathia, it is done fairly accurately.

In this language, in fact, a genocide of Russian people of Ukraine there do not pay attention. And Russian-speaking people, in fact, are Russian, even if they are afraid to admit it because of the propaganda, threats and everything else.

I recall that more than 600 elderly people do not receive required pension payments, because they are the residents of Donbass. Those payments, for which they won the Ukrainian courts.

That is, all the Ukrainian officials — ranging from the petty officer of the district social security and pension Fund, ending, by the President, are criminals who do not abide by the decision of the court. It is criminal liability.

Incidentally, the exact same definition of this and European structures, which appealed to residents of Donbass. This is debt that the Ukrainian authorities are obliged to return to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics in the retirement age.
These people created all of that industrial capacity, which is now stolen all sorts of Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and other characters, Dorval to power on the wave of Euromaidan.

Not just in the Western media was often used the phrase “the oldest war”. “Old” — not in terms of its conduct, not by duration, but by the maximum number of older people who suffer from happening.

“SP”: — In fact, it is the UN recognized the war in the Donbass is the most difficult for pensioners since 30% of those who need help because of him — the elderly.

— But Zelensky at the first stage was beneficial to the voices of the inhabitants of the East — those areas that are under the control of Kiev. But the farther he pursues a policy, the less it is interesting that in these territories the inhabitants of the DNI and the LC vote. Because Zelensky understands that to vote for him they most likely will not be.

How not to vote and residents of Odessa. Because that’s what the party of “people’s Servant” has blocked the decision of the Commission on investigation of events on may 2.

So I think all side Zelensky will develop in the version of “Poroshenko — plus, minus”. Poroshenko is just a bad actor, and Zelensky — talented. Poroshenko was too openly greedy and greedy. Zelensky and can make beautiful gestures. Not the fact that they do, but in any case, reserve Vladimir has more.

As for Europe, it can easily be assessed by how she has one hand sign all kinds of memoranda on the need of pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine. And the other does all (Germany above all) to obtain this gas without Kiev. Because it’s more reliable, cheaper and safer.

I mean, nothing personal, just business…

And we will always see this two-faced and multi-level politics of hypocrisy on the part of the official Berlin and Brussels.

The West will continue to gently instruct the Ukraine on “the European way”, to attach to their “values.” Maybe would scold sometimes…

But, I do not exclude the fact that in case of political expediency to sink the Kiev regime, it will be done fairly quickly.

For example, today the so-called Kiev authorities are hostages between the American “Democrats” and “Republicans”. And we see how contradictory statements made by the representatives of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and representatives of the National Bureau of investigation. The impact of tramp in Zelensky, some not. The Biden — shareholder “Burimi”, then no.

That is, that such a political schizophrenia will continue, I think, until the final degradation and (unfortunately or fortunately) the collapse of the remnants of statehood, which are still present in this area.

“SP”: — the Problem that Ukraine is not only schizophrenic, but as a wanton criminal, which no one can curb. But somehow, in the same EU do you know…

— In March next year, an Italian court will consider the appeal on the conviction by the Ukrainian national guardsman with Italian nationality, who was sent to prison for 24 years for the murder of the Italian journalist, Roselli.

“SP”: — Markiv, who was convicted, an ardent Ukrainian nationalist…

Therefore, the decision on appeal against the sentence will be a kind of litmus test that will show whether the realization comes to European political elites in order to make certain steps to minimize the risks and threats that go with the territory of Ukraine.
Today Ukraine has become the main gate of the transit of drugs to Europe. In this field the Ukrainian criminal groups have already surpassed the Albanians. Plus, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, racketeering.

All of it goes to export for bizwise. And all this, of course, is risk.

Moreover, if the guests from the Middle East, you can at least identify externally, the Ukrainians do not differ externally from European residents. Thus bear more risk because it’s hard to know what to expect from them.

And here an important point. Ethnic Ukrainian crime begins to form it is from people who have gone through the so-called “ATO”. That is, they know how to kill, used to kill and used to kill with impunity. In the web there are dozens of clips of how these brave “samostijna” behave, leaving on bezveza in Europe, as the attack on commuters, as are fist fighting… And this aggression is only growing. Will continue to grow.

Because people are in conditions close to the bestial, on the one hand. And on the other hand, as if in constant inflated ego.

We all know that the predator that killed a human target. And these “predators” not that were not shot or imprisoned. They were rewarded. And, of course, vector — what is good, what is bad — lost the final and became the exact opposite.

Therefore, they cannot be analyzed from the perspective of a normal, sane person — they have a completely different scale of values and understanding of good and evil.

And so until will be a joint effort — first of all, Russia and, perhaps, consolidated West — this problem is solved, it will only deepen. And scary to imagine where this might lead.
Svetlana Gomzikova

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