Westminster withdrawal hangs and burns, Gessler still banks

Westminster withdrawal hangs and burns, Gessler still banks

Westminster withdrawal hangs and burns, Gessler still banks

Scott Gessler.

What Liam Adams of the Colorado Community Newspapers affiliate Westminster Window reports-The latest thinly veiled partisan power move by Republicans hoping to rebuild their bank and base in municipal races, an attempted impeachment of a single Westminster city councilman nominally over water rates, failed yesterday by an uneven margin. :

Jon Voelz will keep his seat on the Westminster City Council after the unofficial results of Tuesday’s controversial and costly elections showed him with 62% of the total vote.

“I’m glad the common sense of our residents prevailed,” Voelz said in a phone call Tuesday night. “This deceptive, wasteful and shameful retirement is coming to an end. I hope to continue my work in the city hall. “

As we noted earlier this month, this impeachment election was (regardless of the outcome) one of the most egregious wastes of time and taxpayer dollars in Westminster history, since Jon voelz returns for his regular re-election this fall:

Voelz’s seat is only secure until November, when he must run for re-election. The recall election cost the city up to $ 250,000 because it was not part of a coordinated county election.

In addition to failing miserably in his campaign to remove Jon Voelz from office, the so-called “Westminster Water Warriors” wasted a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars by forcing a special election less than four months before the regular municipal elections in November. Unlike in the case of a frivolous lawsuit, there is no provision by which the city can recoup its expenses for a frivolous and unnecessary impeachment election, but the timing and outcome of this effort make it one of the most blatant abuses and Ultimately self-immolating to remember the power we’ve never seen.

But as the story continues, there is a winner. He’s the guy who, as Republicans recall, coup attempts and assorted shenanigans come and go, always seems to come out on top:

As of July 16, the Water Warriors raised a total of $ 19,606 and spent $ 21,383, the majority of which went to [Scott] Gessler on attorney’s fees. As of July 7, the group still owed Gessler about $ 20,000.

Former Colorado Secretary of State Scott gessler, who collected thousands in attorneys’ fees from the failed 2019 impeachment attempt against the governor. Jared Polis and billed the Trump campaign a dollar for his “expert testimony” on how the 2020 presidential election could have been stolen in Nevada (it wasn’t), now $ 40,000 richer from retirement that cost Westminster taxpayers $ 250,000“Assuming you collect the $ 20,000 reming they owe you, of course.” The cost of Gessler’s betrayal of society may never have been more arithmetically quantifiable.

Like the third safe withdrawal attempt against the governor. The polis may be on the move now, as long as there is a single dollar to get out of these half-operations, there will be people with more time than credibility ready to undertake them. Yet at some point, even the most impervious of the right mob must realize that, at the end of the day, they are all being scammed by the usual suspects in the food chain who have no interest in their success.

“Honey Badger”, seriously, no give a shit.