What activities will make Quebecers this summer?

Quelles activités pourront faire les Québécois cet été?

Hiking, golf, sea kayaking, fishing, and camping ; these activities are likely to be among the first to be authorized by the government in the coming weeks, but no date has yet been set.

The ministry of Tourism is working on many scenarios in collaboration with other government departments and, of course, public health. In all logic, according to our information, and according to several industry stakeholders, the Quebecers will be invited to reconnect with the outdoors and large spaces, in a first time, to respect the separation physical.

The recovery will be gradual. It is not yet known when people will be able to travel from one region to the other. And several other tourist activities will have to wait longer than others before they get the green light.

Very soon

“In the short term, I think that everything that is connected to the outdoor will restart very quickly because there is less of the vicinity in general. I have more difficulty to project myself over the medium term. We hope to have some announcements very quickly”, commented Jean-Michel Ryan, owner of Mont Sutton and the president of the crisis cell of the heads of companies to the Alliance of the tourism industry in Québec (AITQ).

The reflection is well underway to define protocols for health for each sector of activity, but several questions still arise, for example, to the water parks or public beaches.

The CEO of the AITQ is in close contact with the office of the minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, and he is looking forward, like everyone else, to have a precise schedule.

“We are currently on a floor plan of sanitary measures and the department board on the timetable for the reopening, but I don’t have dates,” expresses Martin Soucy.

A breath of fresh air

The media coverage of the minister Proulx, who has promised “that there will be a summer tourist in Quebec” in our pages on Friday, has been welcomed as a breath of fresh air in the industry, according to Mr. Soucy.

“When you sail in a fog, they are looking for guides and that, I think it is a big landmark. It has been very well received. It is well to say so because at a given time, tourism operators end up with doubt. There is a lot of nervousness.” There are 30 000 tourism enterprises in Quebec.

Elsewhere in the country, Alberta has been leading the way in reopening its provincial parks on Friday. The golf courses will be available as soon as today. The camping sites managed by the province will open on the 1st of June.

What can we do this summer?

Green light at the open-air first

  • Hiking in the national parks
  • Canoe and sea kayaking
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Camping
  • Golf
  • Bike

Difficult to envisage a date

  • Contact Sports
  • Parachute jump in tandem
  • Excursions rafting
  • Fairgrounds and other events that draw crowds

Question mark?

  • Water parks
  • Swimming pools and public beaches
  • Zoological gardens
  • Spas
  • Museums
  • Cottage rental and any other type of accommodation
  • Tasting in the vineyards

* Note : The government has not yet unveiled details of its plan to revive the tourism industry, nor any date up to the present. This list is not official nor exhaustive, and is intended as more of a tool for reflection based on the criterion of distance physical of 2 metres.

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