What adults should learn from children: six important points

Чeму взрослым стоит поучиться у дeтeй: шесть важных пунктов

Despite his young age, children are able to do many things much better, easier and carefree. Under a load of stress, responsibilities and the various problems of adults become less sensitive, more rational and very practical. Chartered psychologist Anna Litvinchuk advice is simply to watch the children, no matter their or other people, and note their behavior.

To your attention the six items, what adults should learn from children:

1. Rejoice

Just like that, without reason, to laugh, to rejoice and believe in the best. Life eventually makes us less joyful, but this does not mean that all adults should goes sullen. Take the example of the children and enjoy the sunshine and delicious candy favorite cartoon on TV.

2. To be selfless

Only children do good and don’t really expect that for them it’s something coming back. And they are right. After all, the expectation of gratitude makes us razdrajenie and dissatisfaction with life.

3. To be direct

Dety behave naturally, they have not yet learned how to change the mask and pretend to be someone. They don’t think about them people will say and just live in his pleasure. Take their prima, and experience the happiness of walking a day at the Park or gluttony cupcake.

4. Smile more often

Despite the fact that children often fuss and cry, they smile often and are not afraid to show their smile in all two teeth even stranger. If we smiled more often, maybe the world would be a kinder, a people met on the street more often.

Чeму взрослым стоит поучиться у дeтeй: шесть важных пунктов

5. Wonder

To surprise the modern man in an age of abundance is extremely difficult. This life becomes monotonous. Well, a child surprised everything: rain, soap bubbles in the Park and found a snail. Looking for amazing and to know him.

6. To live in the present

Children do not think about what tomorrow will bring and live in the moment. And in this they are wise. Now the child fell and filled slezamy from scratched knees. Here A half an hour later he is playing with a favorite toy, and happy. Children do not pull on itself the burden of the past bitter experience in the present, learn from this.

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