What advantage will give the APU Donbass grenade launchers NATO caliber

Regularly, various companies report on the results of the work, which those who closely followed developments at the front already knew or guessed. So happened, for example, with the information that “catapulted” the “Ukroboronprom” just yesterday.

Какое преимущество дадут ВСУ на Донбассе гранатометы НАТОвского калибра

According to an interview with the Director of Shostka state plant “Impulse”, part of “Ukroboronprom”, his company started the serial production of ammunition for the 40 mm automatic grenade launcher UAG-40 production of the Kiev factory “Forge on Fishing”. Note that the grenade launcher has a Belarusian roots, utilized in the production for export before the war — were supplied at least in Nigeria.

Officially adopted by the APU in 2017 And it is unclear in which version — February UAG-40 laid down by the Soviet optical sight PAG-17, and in 2015, was presented with integrated Picatinny rail, and an improved ammunition feed mechanism. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the original power for the grenade consists of grenades in a metal strip M16.

Note that the manufacture of grenade launchers and ammunition for them, a major breakthrough for the Ukrainian army. First, 40-mm grenades 40х53 mm size in conformity with the established NATO standards. Secondly, finally begun planned upgrading of parts of the Soviet 30-mm automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 “Flame” (adopted by the Soviet army in 1971).

The fact that in the course of active hostilities in the summer of 2014 and virtually uncontrolled issuing grenade launchers AGS-17 ammunition for the formation of new infantry brigades and volunteer units, where they often were the only means of infantry support, the number of warehouses has decreased dramatically. And the purchase of ammunition in Eastern Europe (mainly Bulgaria) was a necessary measure.


Pictures and videos recorded grenade high-explosive action PGI-40, which compared to the 30-mm “Soviet” grenades have more power and scattering debris, and therefore need less ammunition to destroy a particular purpose. And the range of new ammunition will be significantly higher — by some estimates by as much as 500 meters. And if to consider that in the Russian occupation forces are at the service all the same Agsy, the advantage is clearly on our side.


Какое преимущество дадут ВСУ на Донбассе гранатометы НАТОвского калибра

And again. The flow of weapons UAG-40 suggests that we will soon be able to see it installed on a variety of samples as armored vehicles and warships. So, at the exhibition “Arms and security” then plant “Lenin’s smithy” was presented fighting module “Cyborg” with mounted 12.7-mm machine gun “Utes” and 40-mm grenade launcher UAG-40. And even earlier flashed armored “Cossack” is installed on the roof of the grenade launcher. At last year’s show in Kiev was presented the option to install on a gunboat.

In addition, there are several good specimens of hand grenade from domestic producers that use 40-mm grenades. Now it is likely to be given the “green light” for their adopting. And such a weapon would dramatically increase the combat capabilities of units of the level of “platoon”.

Какое преимущество дадут ВСУ на Донбассе гранатометы НАТОвского калибра

And again. In the same video stated that the Committee also mastered the production of VOG-25V, which is designed for firing from grenade launchers GP-25. Problems with ammunition of this type has also been acknowledged by the military — and again, the lack of them, we were forced up by purchases from abroad — at least from Poland and Bulgaria.

Note also that small quantities of ammunition for domestic production (especially of Voga) was noted at photos and video from the front, beginning in 2016 apparently it was a pre-production batch, which worked out the whole complicated mechanism of the closed cycle of production.

After reports of a possible mass production of artillery ammunition caliber 155-mm waiting for reports about the deployment of a plant for the production of rifle ammunition. And do not be surprised if they are 5.56 × 45 mm.

In line with the policy of providing their own ammunition and missile development program looks interesting message from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which passed from mobilization of reserves Pavlograd chemical plant just a huge number of interesting chemical ingredients, including 9 tons of Tetra construction, 40.6 tons of phlegmatized RDX, 1.2 tons of echola-5, a ton of explosive mixtures of K-991 and 85 kg of tin-lead solders. As stated in the official document, all of this raw material intended for the production of rocket fuel in the framework of “Alder”, “Ladle” and “Camellia”. And if “Alder” and “Camellia” is more or less clear — this is a new MRL on the basis of “Tornado”, which apparently already adopted and launchers and missiles we will see in the parade on August 24, “the Camellia” — is nothing more than a guided artillery munition “Quinic” (apparently of the calibre of 152 and 155 mm).

What is the “Bucket” remains unclear — it is believed that this may be a project of operational-tactical missile complex “Sapsan”, although may be hiding the same anti-ship “Neptune”.

In any case, these facts indicate that the country is gradually “getting back on its feet” in the provisions of the munitions of its own production, missile programme is being successfully developed, and if things continue at this pace, in 2-3 years we move to a completely different level of capability of the state.


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