What are the penalties for drunk driving abroad

Driving drunk is not only denied, but also sentenced to death.

Які штрафи за водіння в нетверезому вигляді за кордоном

Driving drunk is not only denied, but also sentenced to death, informs Rus.Media.


Here the penalties for drunk driving, at first glance are not as strict. The driver, who got behind the wheel drunk, risking to get a fine of $300 and up to six months of imprisonment. Often it is limited to administrative arrest for 15 days and deprivation of rights for up to six months. But now, if the drunk driver gets into an accident where there are victims, it is sentenced to death.


Here for drunk driving, the guilty faces a fine of up to $1000, and, depending on the circumstances of the breach, short-term imprisonment or correctional labor. The main thing consists in the unavoidability and transparency of punishment. Such cases are widely reported in the press, which periodically trampled on the reputation of some “stars” caught driving drunk.


And in this country the punishment for not only the drunk driver, but its adult passengers. For those who just agrees to ride in the passenger seat with a drunk driver, a penalty equivalent to $3000. As for the driver, he will pay at least $6700 penalty and risk to spend in prison for the next 5 years. The amount of the fine depends on the severity of the consequences of drunk driving. When in 2001 a Japanese person sitting behind the wheel in a drunken state gave the fatal crash (exit to the oncoming traffic and head-on collision with the car that caused the death of its driver), the court sentenced him to a fine of $2.5 million.

Які штрафи за водіння в нетверезому вигляді за кордоном


In this country for failure to comply with traffic regulations generally severely punished, and already such a violation as drunk driving entails a fine in the amount of 3 thousand euros. Though the maximum fine is only those who have blood will find more than 1.6 ppm, or those who drink driving fell for the third year.


Here, the amount of the penalty for drunk driving depends on the level of income of the perpetrator. The richer the offender, the more he will pay. In addition, the size of the penalty affects the degree of intoxication. So, driving from 0.5 to 1.2 ppm can cost 90 (minimum amount) euros and a ban on driving for up to 3 months. If the blood of the perpetrator, contains more than 1.2 ppm, the minimum amount of the fine increases from to 360 euros, and in addition to the deprivation of rights, and probably even imprisonment.


In this country is considered to be the sober driver, whose blood can be up to 0.8 ppm. But if he exceeds the “acceptable norm”, the amount of the fine will be $4700.


Here, too, relatively recently changed (to gain) the system of penalties for drunk driving. On the first offense, the amount of the fine will be from 7 to 10 thousand (in US dollars). But for such re-driving provides for the confiscation of the vehicle with its subsequent implementation. Proceeds go to the state budget.