What are the signs you can’t give to her husband

The old superstitions warn that some traditional gifts to men able to embroil the giver and the recipient can bring into the life of a person that accepts the gift of misfortune, poverty.

Що за прикметами не можна дарувати чоловікові

To choose a gift for men is not easy. Traditionally, New year, Valentine’s Day and other holidays, representatives of a strong half will present a banal stationery, ties, expensive drinks, at best – fragrance from the famous brand. The choice, in General, small. But because you want to please a loved one, to surprise him, which is really remembered. In fact, if you connect the imagination, to consider the choice of gift creative, you can always come up with unusual, original greeting, choose a gift that will be remembered. However, there are signs, according to which one cannot give certain gifts, especially to her beloved. And not to be trapped, remember that you cannot give to a man, informs Rus.Media.

It is impossible to give a man a watch

First of all, it concerns hours. How would not like to purchase the husband or boyfriend of beautiful and expensive watch as a gift, please refrain from such an acquisition. There are many omens associated with the clock. For example, after such a gift, the lovers can stay together over the years. A sure sign or not is difficult to say, but many do confirm that, after such a gift, their relationship has changed not for the better.

In General, about what to present as a gift the watch is a bad omen, many people know. To your present is not interpreted incorrectly, it is better to abandon such a venture, who would not have intended a gift. For example, in some countries of the East in the old days a gift and not meant invitation to a funeral.

And yet, if you really want to please stylish new fashion watch brand, the yield can be found. Give him the money, exactly the amount needed to purchase this model, and then together go shopping.

It is impossible to give the man the mirror

Not only her man, but any friends and never give mirror, no matter how beautiful they are. It is a sign again of the field of magic and esotericism. Between the recipient and the giver of this gift set is invisible and, most importantly, from now on, unmanaged connection. How will it affect your relationship, hard to say. Mirrors, in General, are considered to be mystical, and studying their properties are still involved not only experts from the field of unexplored, but scientists.

Especially not to give or even buy for home antique mirror and, in General, those who already belonged to someone. This piece of furniture can bring misfortune to the new owners. Moreover, if presented with a mirror will soon shatter, you will not be able to associate the event with the relationship with a loved one.

Not to give the man a knife

It would seem, what could be a better gift for men than a collection of expensive and beautiful knives, maybe even hunting. However, here care should be taken. It turns out that there is a sign which States that donated the knife brings to life its owner’s unhappiness, strife and trouble. People in the know suggest anyone who presented what at any opportunity, be sure to give something in return, for example, a coin, a small trinket, as if to pay for it.

And they say that the knife edge is able to attract evil spirits, and then between the recipient and donor relations would be severed. For this reason, it is necessary to abandon the purchase as a gift and Cutlery, for example forks.

Perhaps these are the main taboos that are related to gifts for men. Although there are less significant things to give representatives of a strong half is not recommended. This, of course, handkerchiefs that indicate other people’s tears. It is believed that the rupture of relations give gloves, this should be considered. Avoid to present men towels, even her own husband is too to separation. Do not give points. They say that in this case the owner of the new thing will be to see the world as if through the eyes of the giver. Well, the comb is able to tell the receiver about all of your deepest desires.