What are you afraid of different Zodiac signs?

Чего боятся разные знаки Зодиака больше всего?

What are you afraid of different Zodiac signs?
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What phobias have Zodiac signs? Photo: Jeremy Bishop

The most common fears and phobias, among people born under different constellations.

What are you afraid of the signs of the Zodiac

Fears Of Aries

Aries is not only afraid to lose, but to lose a friend. They love to fight and fight, that is their nature. It’s a vicious circle, in which they often lose the most valuable.

Fears Taurus

Taurus likes comfort, good food and a comfortable sofa. Without them, he feels discomfort. However, he likes to have money and ensures that they always were. Often they are afraid of the financial instability.

Fears Of Twins

Gemini can give the word and then to pick it up, to promise something and quickly change her mind. And all because they constantly doubt their decisions.

Fears Cancer

Cancers are afraid to go out of your comfort zone and open spaces, to be in a situation or place where you can quickly escape. Therefore, they often have to do what they don’t want to go to unfamiliar places and to conduct meetings.

Fears Of A Lion

The lion most afraid to become grey and invisible. But they know how to attract attention. And yet the Lions don’t believe anything your eyes have not seen.

Fears Virgo

If something goes wrong or fails, then the Dev starts almost panic. Virgo afraid of their external flaws and show any of their vices.

Fears Are Weights

Libra can’t be alone. They are caring and loving. Fear of abandonment – their biggest fear.

Fears Of Scorpio

Scorpions – a very difficult and dark people. They are very sensitive and are easy to move, but they are afraid that it can see. So its softness hiding.

Fears Of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are avid travelers. They do not like to sit in dushnyk premises, so they feel trapped.

Fears Of Capricorn

Capricorns are often workaholics, so very afraid of failure. Perhaps the desire to do everything perfectly due to problems with his father.

Fears Of Aquarius

Aquarians do not like intellectual work, especially if it is associated with corporate work, schools, hospitals, or marriage – they “closely”. I hate these group sessions.

Fears Fish

Pisces live in a dream world and don’t want to grow up. And like wise they are, but such infantile. And Pisces creative, what prevents them from doing everyday things. Therefore, they often become drug addicts and alcoholics – in order to renounce the world.


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