What are you looking at men in the choice of wife

На что смотрят мужчины при выборе жены

One rich man decided to start a family. He was choosing between three of his fan and can’t make the decision on who of them to marry. And then he invented the method — gave each $ 10,000, and proposed to spend it how they want.

The first girl went to an expensive boutique and bought a dress, makeup, and visited the SPA. In a word, spent all the money on themselves. When she came to the man, then said to him: “my Dear, you know I love you. And I wish that you could admire my beauty and all you jealous”.

The second girl went to the mens shop and the entire amount spent on gifts for your sweetheart — new shirts, ties, expensive suits, best Cologne, and said, “Darling, you’re the most important person in my life, I want you to be happy and I will spare nothing for you”.

The third girl invested the money into some shares, then sold them, earned 10 000 and all returned the man: “Honey, I love you very much. I did all this so you understand that I’m smart and know how to manage money — not just spending them, but also to earn”. The man listened to everyone, thought about it and decided.

He took to wife that girl who had the biggest Breasts

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