What better to celebrate the New year of the rat

В чем лучше всего отмечать Новый год крысы

2020 according to the Chinese horoscope will be the year of the white rat. Every year people try to celebrate the holiday so as to appease the creature, whose year comes. Very often Chinese horoscope dictates, what you need to celebrate the new stage of life. “Rambler” tells how to dress to meet the year 2020.Odiobala rat is considered to be cleanly creature, so to appease don’t have to choose an old and well-worn things. It is better not to save and buy something cheap but new. Women are advised to choose the light bright dresses made of natural fabrics. Men are requested to put on warm sweaters and wide-leg trousers. Not recommended to celebrate the New year in the official costumes. If you do decide to celebrate the holiday at home, choose a relaxed images that you will be comfortable.Cvetochek as the New year will be the year of the white rat, professionals suggest to choose for the festive costumes of bright or pastel colors. A white rat can be interpreted more as “metal”, therefore it is necessary to take into account the dresses and costumes of the Christmas collections, which are traditionally decorated with sequins and sparkles. If you don’t want to pick out something bright and sparkly, you can select images in beige or peach colors.You should not choose bright “flashy” colors. For example, experts strongly suggest to abandon the red and yellow.

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