What cars are often twisted mileage

На каких машинах чаще всего скручивают пробег

Experts have studied the history of the ads and called the cars, which are often twisted mileage.

At risk — American, Russian and Japanese cars.

Most often, the mileage is corrected for the cars of American, Russian and Japanese brands. On the top line of the rating — Chrysler and Dodge. A second run is found in 53 and 49% of these machines makes accordingly. A little less reduce the numbers on the odometer the owners of the Gas and models of AVTOVAZ, 45 and 44% respectively. The top five leaders of the Japanese Honda with a score of 39%. The reason for this is the simplicity of the design of such vehicles, and thus a lot of scope for fraud.

Need to be careful and to those looking for cars brands: Chevrolet, Citroen, Hyundai, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen. Almost every third car of these brands claimed mileage will be less real. Better things are in the Skoda (28% of cars with rolled-owned) and Kia (27% of cars). Worse, Ford (35%), Mazda (36%), Fiat and Mitsubishi (37%).

The most likely to buy a car with honest mileage from those who are looking for Datsun car brands (14%) and Mini (22%), Chinese Lifan and Geely (24%), Jaguar (25%).

На каких машинах чаще всего скручивают пробег

Old cars — the most “unfair”

Only 1% of cars under two years are sold with a corrected mileage. However, his wound is usually highly — an average of 26 thousand kilometers. Among the ten cars with original mileage is already one in the fifth. The odometer is usually correct they have more than 60 thousand kilometers.

Five antiliderov ranking occupied model, long discontinued. The first line is the family Lada Samara of the first generation: the adjustment path, were exposed to 61% of cars. Also, the three leaders were VAZ 2106 and Mercedes-Benz E-class W124 in the body: 58% of cars these models have differences in the history of the mileage. Completing the top five Mazda 626 (the same 58%) and Audi 100 (57% of the vehicles).

The most honest were the sellers of the cars that appeared on the market recently. So, chance to find the Hyundai Grand with the real mileage is high: only one car out of ten readings on the odometer are not the same with the real.

Most often, the mileage rolled “professional sellers”

На каких машинах чаще всего скручивают пробег

Authorized dealers are less likely to be engaged in the adjustment path: among sold their cars anomalies with mileage occur at an average of 15% of the ads.

In private showrooms this figure is twice as high. More often by reducing mileage by private sellers: likely to stumble on a car with gaps in the history is 35%. And among the ads from the “professional traders” such cars nearly half!

How to understand the real mileage of the car or curled

During the inspection of the vehicle’s mileage can be determined only by circumstantial evidence: the condition and appearance of the body, interior and parts.

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