What causes jealousy and how to cope with it

Почему возникает ревность и как с ней справиться 

Jealousy is a destructive feeling, which is often unnecessarily: cause usually lies in the psychological problems of man. Rambler understands how to deal with that feeling.Uncertainty in sibenska self-esteem often leads to jealousy. People subconsciously acting like he’s not good enough for their partner and will not be able to hold onto it for a long period of time.The need to constantly kontrolirovat problem is often tied to the other with the inability to trust. Perhaps the person had in the past negative experience, after which it became very hard to trust people.Too strong privjazannostei in a relationship one person is unable to separate from each other and actually “living his life”. Hence the resentment, suspicion and jealousy, when one partner wants to spend time with their friends and feel a bit of personal space. Its presence, by the way, is important: otherwise, even people with very strong feelings of taking a risk to get tired from each other.How to deal with jealousy?First and foremost, it is important to deal with yourself before you can run with claims to the partner. Stop, breathe and analyze your thoughts. Very often they do not coincide with reality. Examined in their conjectures and justify why you tend to believe in the reality of infidelity. Do this for real facts and evidence, or is it just fear? If you have objective reasons, discuss it with your partner and say in a mild form that is bothering you.If there is no objective reasons, then the problem is only in your head. In this case, it is very important to cultivate trust your partner and to find effective ways of dealing with negative thoughts. Take care of yourself and get yourself a new hobby — all of your thoughts will be focused on it, and in my head no space for the empty feelings.

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