what changes this Wednesday, December 16

    what changes this Wednesday, December 16

    Germany is confined from this Wednesday, December 16 until January 10. This is what is changing across the Rhine for our neighbors (and for all those who cross the Rhine).

    This is the first time that Germany has asked its citizens not to leave their homes. During the first wave, in March 2020, contact was of course limited, but everyone could go out as they liked and for as long as they wanted, as long as they were alone or with their family.

    Now you have to have good reasons to leave your home.

    Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Bade-Wurtemberg

    From December 12, the federal government and the Länder asked the Germans to go out only “for compelling reasons”, and this Wednesday, December 16, schools, nurseries and all non-essential shops are closed, de facto limiting opportunities to get out of the house. For Alsatians who come to Baden-Württemberg, these rules are the same.

    The European Consumer Center in Kehl alerts French people who cross the border to bring proof, useful in the event of a check, as in this tweet:

    No certificate in Germany, on the other hand, in the event of control, it is necessary to be able to justify its displacement with a document if necessary. The Land police will otherwise be able to punish offenders and issue fines.

    In a tweet, shortly before midnight Tuesday evening, the Land du Bade-Wurtemberg re-explains the measures accompanying the confinement:

    Limitation of exits and curfews

    During the day, from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., leaving the home is only authorized for these reasons:

    – purchases in stores, supermarkets and businesses

    – private meeting with people from the same household or a maximum of 5 people from two different households. Children up to 14 years old are not taken into account.

    – participation in a court hearing or in a meeting necessary for political life

    – participation in an event

    – travel within the framework of shared custody or guardianship

    – participation in a sporting activity outdoors, alone, or with a single other person outside the home, or with members of the same household

    From 8 p.m. until 5 a.m., a curfew further restricts going out.

    Authorized stores

    The stores that remain open are these: food stores, farmers markets, beverage vendors, baby items, pharmacies, care homes, drugstores, opticians, hearing aid vendors, gas stations, car repair shops and bicycles, banks, post offices, dry cleaners and laundromats, newspaper vendors, pet supplies, Christmas tree sales and a wholesale market.

    Online sales and in-store pick-up services are prohibited in Baden-Württemberg, but permitted in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. In Baden-Württemberg, ordering meals from restaurateurs is still possible.

    The sale of fireworks is prohibited this year.

    Restricted Christmas

    From December 24 to 26, the curfew is suspended, and Germans will be able to move after 8 p.m. It is possible during these three days of celebrations to meet with four people in addition to the host which invites. Children under 14 count in addition.

    What changes is above all that there is no limit to the number of households present. On the other hand, direct family ties are the only ones authorized: husbands or partners, parents, children, brothers and sisters. For example, four adult children can visit their parents, with their children under the age of 14, but without their partners …

    Masses and religious services are authorized if the rules of 1.5 meters are respected between each family, the mask remains obligatory and chanting prohibited.

    New year confined

    For the New Year, return of the curfew and containment measures (from December 27 finally): firecrackers and fireworks will be prohibited, gatherings in public spaces after 8 p.m. will be prohibited, and before 8 p.m. limited in the family circle. And in a private capacity, five people from two households maximum will be able to meet.

    Alsatians will of course be able to come and spend Christmas and New Year across the Rhine, but all these rules will have to be respected, which, for once, are more restrictive than in France.

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