What could be a Dynamo if the club did not leave the stars

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

Fans love to make all sorts of ratings and a symbolic team. Many of them also not lose sight of the former players of the club who are sympathetic to, continuing to follow the development of their careers in other bands. Against this background, Sport.ua offers the answer to the question, what could be a Dynamo if the club at different times has not left the star, famous or just very promising performers.

The emphasis will be on the strongest players of the current Dynamo squad, and also those of the people of Kiev managed to be sold, but given the fact that the “white-blue” still not as significant as many European clubs prefer to let their talents, there is a place for those who left the club as free agent. Another important aspect of this team is the fact that it includes only those players who are currently actively pursuing a career on the professional level, so there won’t be room for the veterans that play for Amateurs (Hello Ismael Bangoura and his newly minted team of “Mulhouse”), as well as for those who currently has no club and is retired.

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

Denys BOIKO, 31 years

Current club: Dynamo (Ukraine)
Current transfer value: € 2.5 million
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 4 million euros

Goalkeeper “Dynamo” with one side always seems to have been the order of (at least quantitatively competition is always present at a very high level), but no outstanding representative who would “white-blue” sold in a strong European club. If even the great Shovkovsky at the time chose to leave in Kiev, what we say about others.

Therefore, select the current guard gate of Kiev Denis Boyko. That’s true, he also had the experience of leaving the camp of “white-blue” – first on loan, and in the summer of 2014 goalie for undisclosed amount was sold to Dnipro, which subsequently reached the Europa League final-2014/15. After the outbreak of the “Dnipro” problems Boyko has served in Turkey, but abroad to build a successful career Denis has failed. In February 2018 Boyko first on loan returned to “Dynamo”, and then “Besiktas” was released goalkeeper in Kyiv on a free transfer.

Tomas KENDZERA, 25 years

Current club: Dynamo (Ukraine)
Current transfer fee: 4 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 4 million euros

With the right defenders the situation is similar to that observed in the goalkeeper position, from the point of view of the lack of high-profile sales of players in this role. Perhaps, since Oleg Luzhny “Dynamo” has not left such a strong and charismatic player who can play as right back. So also stop your choice on the current main player in this position – the pole Tomasha the KENDZERA.

KENDZERA moved to Kiev from Poznan Lech in the summer of 2017 and cost the Treasury Dynamo 1.5 million euros. Tomas quickly enough managed to win a key player at the position, first pushing in the reserve of Mykola Morozyuk, and then forcing Ukrainians to leave the “white-blue” and depart in search of a better life in Turkish “caykur Rizespor”. Even with the signing this summer Karavaev Alexander KENDZERA not lost their influence in the team and appears quite regularly in the first team. Perhaps the arrival of Karavaeva is the imminent departure to another club of Canzeri, but now it is only guesses and assumptions.

Aleksandar DRAGOVIC, 28 years

Current club: Bayer (Germany)
Left Dynamo for 18 million euros
Current transfer value: € 9 million
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: EUR 15 million

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

In the summer of 2013, when Ukrainian football had not known what the crisis ahead, “Dynamo” has paid 9 million euros to Basel for the Central defender Dragovic Aleksandar. The Austrian immediately came to the court in Kiev, becoming one of the most reliable and strongest receivers in the national Premier League.

But after three years in Ukraine Dragovic began to show clear signs of wanting to leave to a stronger League, which is understandable. Fortunately, I arrived the offer from Bayer, which the bosses “the Dynamo” did not become the habit to reject. In the end, the Austrian departed to Germany in exchange for 18 million euros – as time has shown, this transaction was in excess of the best for the club. In Germany Dragovic was not able to be as key player of the defense for his team in Kiev. “Bayer” in season 2017/18 even let Austrian to rent in “Leicester” and “Fox” did not want to buy out the contract Alexandra. Now Dragovic – player rotation in the camp of “pharmacists”, but Kiev fans probably remember it fondly.

Domagoj VIDA, 30 years

Current club: Besiktas (Turkey)
Left Dynamo free agent
Current transfer fee: 8 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 9 million euros

Another footballer as a Central defender, who tried to do the defense of “Dynamo” the most invulnerable. Mind Kiev bought in early 2013 from Dinamo Zagreb for € 5 million. In the capital of Ukraine Domagoj had a great five years, completely fulfilled the contract.

To sign a new agreement with “Dynamo” Type refused, and the club was not able in time to break up with Croatia, although the proposals for the bosses of the “white-blue” at the time lacked. As a result, in the beginning of last year Injured on a free transfer moved to beşiktaş, where he plays to this day, being one of the most important players of the basic structure. By the way, according to the latest rumors, Look in the nearest transfer window can go in, “West ham” , where, therefore, will join former partner at Dynamo forward Andriy Yarmolenko.

Vitaly NIKOLENKO, 20 years

Current club: Dynamo (Ukraine)
Current transfer value: 6 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 6 million euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

On the left flank of defence of the 20-year-old defender, which already eyeing the top European clubs, is no alternative. The trauma of Pilarica, which in the Croatian national team became Vice-champion of the world, and indistinct form Sickle allowed the pupil of “Dynamo” swirl break into the main squad of the club and then become the main national team of Ukraine. After playing in Portugal’s actions Mikolenko himself has said Ronaldo and Zinchenko told that the young Dynamo made enquiries to Manchester city.

The current transfer value of Mikolenko six million euros, but, if he show himself at Euro 2020, it can grow significantly. And then everything will depend only on the will and nerves of Igor Surkis. But it is clear that in order to continue to progress Mikolenko a year or two need to move to Europe.

Roman EREMENKO, 32

Current club: Rostov (Russia)
Left Dynamo for 12.9 million euros
Current transfer fee: 4 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 6.5 million euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

Finnish midfielder Roman Eremenko Dynamo first rented for the season from Udinese for 500 thousand euros, and when he managed perfectly to be in the Ukrainian capital, bought out the contract of a Legionnaire for 5 million. The next two seasons Eremenko was without doubt the key player in midfield is a player with great vision of the field, filigree gear and good technique was decoration of the Dynamo in the Premier League and European competitions.

No wonder that a quality game Eremenko has attracted the attention of wealthier clubs. At the end of the summer transfer window of 2011 “ruby” suggested “Dynamo” almost 13 million euros for the Finn, from which the bosses of Kiev decided not to give up. In Kazan, the novel had three good season and was then sold to CSKA Moscow. In the camp of the “soldiers” was also a key figure, has not yet caught on drug use, resulting in a received 2-year suspension. Returning to football, signed an agreement with Spartak, but could not gain a foothold there, and in January this year signed a contract with the “Rostov”, which quite unexpectedly leads now fighting for the championship in Russia.

Victor TSYGANKOV, a 22 year

Current club: Dynamo (Ukraine)
Current transfer fee: 20 million Euro
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 20 million euros

The current leader of Dynamo debuted in the first team and Serhiy Rebrov – in the fall of 2016 in the fight with “Steel” from Kamensky. In the first season, the young midfielder proved to be the best hand, making it clear that care Yarmolenko not really affect the attacking potential of the “white-blue”. With the departure of Andrew in Dortmund, Tsygankov took on the burden of the leader of “Dynamo”. Yes, it is not always stable, but remember how, for example, started out in Dynamo career Yarmolenko and how many critical arrows have been released. Tsygankov for the first hundred matches in the “Dynamo” scored three goals more than his predecessor on the right flank attack (33 vs 30) and gave the most assists (30 vs. 16). Gradually, the Victor gains confidence and Andriy Shevchenko in the national team where competition for a place in the squad for his position very serious (Yarmolenko and Marlos).

As in the case of Mikolenko, the best option for a career for Tsygankova, perhaps, will be leaving to Europe. It is clear that at club level, Galatasaray, who supposedly watches over the young Dynamo, Surkis won’t let him go, as in conventional “Hoffenheim”. But if you come a decent offer from a top club, it is hoped that the President “Dynamo” will give Tsygankov a chance to prove himself in Europe before Yarmolenko.

Younes BELHANDA, 29 years

Current club: Galatasaray (Turkey)
Left Dynamo for 9.5 million euros
Current transfer value: 5.5 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 12 million euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

The Moroccan midfielder was one of the major talents of Montpellier, who in the 2011/12 season for the first time in history won the championship of France. Next year “the Dynamo” has paid for Younes 10 million euros, persuading that to move to Ukraine.

But in Kiev to play at the best of their abilities Belhanda and could not. What prevented him to say very difficult, but Younes was expecting much more, and he was capable of it. As a result, “Dynamo” was first released Belhanda to rent in “Schalke” and “nice”, and in the summer of 2017 and is sold to Galatasaray. Now, they say, have the management of the Turkish club is losing patience with Younes and configured to be rid of him in the January transfer window – the good, the interest in the Moroccan clubs are from Saudi Arabia.

Andriy YARMOLENKO, 30 years

Current club: “West ham” (England)
Left Dynamo for 25 million euros
Current transfer fee: 20 million Euro
Maximum transfer value in the “Dynamo”: 25 million euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

Andriy Yarmolenko misses its way to the big football is in “Dinamo”, where at the time he moved from Chernigov quite a boy. First Yarmolenko made a few mistakes, causing him often heard hurtful words from the fans, but the character and desire to become a top player did not disappoint Andrew.

After Yarmolenko became Dynamo, the interest in his person often wrote in the Western press. But Ihor Surkis for a long time did not agree to let its main star. He believed that the new club Yarmolenko should be certainly top club from Europe, not Stoke city or other projects, from which emanates a subject of interest to Andrew. And over time the “white-blue” it’s really a lucrative offer from a club with the name – so, in the summer of 2017 for 25 million euros Yarmolenko was in the “Borussia” from Dortmund. Alas, in Germany to prove himself to full Ukrainian failed and after the season, he still went to Albion, where it still stands for “West ham”. Last season for Yarmolenko marred by injury, but in the present it is slowly gaining a place in the basis and location of fans of “hammers”.

Jeremain LENS, 31

Current club: Besiktas (Turkey)
Left Dinamo for € 11.4 m
Current transfer value: € 2.5 million
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 12 million euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

Lens moved to Dynamo in gold for the Ukrainian football time summer of 2013. Then in the Premier League was a serious fight between four teams – Dynamo, Shakhtar, Metalist and Dnipro, but because each of them did not spare funds to strengthen. Lens possessed undoubted talent, but to realize its potential could not perhaps even half.

After “Dynamo” left Oleg Blokhin, the lens has gradually become less and less important role in the camp of “white-blue”. Therefore, a logical solution of the bosses of Kiev was the sale of the Dutchman in the summer of 2015 at Sunderland. Moreover, on the transfer of Jermaine Dynamo was even able to get a plus of 2.4 million euros. Since the summer of last year, the lens is a full-fledged football player, beşiktaş, but for now it’s the club don’t look very good and already rumors about the desire of the Turks to part with the winger.

Roman YAREMCHUK, 23 years

Current club: Gent (Belgium)
Left Dynamo for 2 million euros
Current transfer fee: 6.5 million euros
Maximum transfer value in Dynamo: 800 euros

Каким мог быть состав Динамо, если бы клуб не покидали звезды

The case when a private pupil of “Dynamo” is almost never given a chance to prove themselves. The coaches of “blue and white” gave the advantage to other players, and Yaremchuk long time at first languished in the reserves, then a good “Alexandria”, but after returning from loan he couldn’t convince mentors in their own viability.

When in August 2017 Dynamo sold Yaremchuk in Gent for 2 million euros, it seemed that the bosses of Kiev did the right thing. They gave the player in two and a half times more expensive than the one nominally estimated at that time, plus the Novel simply wasn’t the prospects in the Metropolitan team. But in the “Ghent” Yaremchuk was revealed in all its glory, began to call to the national team, which also came to the court, and now its cost amounts to 6.5 million Euro, although the Belgians are unlikely to be released Novel cheaper 10 million. However, Dynamo did right – if it’s not released Yaremchuk, would we now forward this level in the Prime of life, and even with the experience of playing in Europe?


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