What diseases need to be vaccinated not only for children but also for adults

I think if you grew up, what vaccination do not concern you anymore? As it is not so! Give you some vaccinations for adults are simply necessary.

Від яких хвороб потрібно вакцинуватися не тільки дітям, а й дорослим

Vaccination is a test not only for children but also for adults. It turns out that some vaccinations should be done and for adult life, not to get sick with serious diseases. Ulyana Suprun listed immunizations for adults and explained why they are needed, informs UkrMedia.

First, vaccination is the only way not to get infected in adulthood, diseases such as tetanus and diphtheria, because the vaccinations they need to repeat every ten years. But the list of diseases does not end there.

Flu shots

A lot of people said that to get vaccinated against influenza every year – does not make sense, because every year in Ukraine comes a new strain. But if you have a weak immune system, you must take. Vaccination should be done at the beginning of each epidemic season, but if you do not have time – not too late to get vaccinated even to the end of activity of the disease, that is, until spring. Especially the flu shot is necessary today, as the country has already recorded the first death from the infection. And mostly among children.

Especially, influenza vaccination is recommended to those people who are at risk:

  • pregnant at any time;
  • children 6 months to five years;
  • people from 65 years of age;
  • people with chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease, asthma);
  • people who are in professional life often come into contact with people who have the flu, in particular, medical professionals.

Vaccination against human papilloma virus

Human papillomavirus is a very dangerous infection. Most often it is transmitted through sexual contact, and most people become infected soon after becoming sexually active. The main danger of HPV is that it can cause cervical cancer.

In most countries where these vaccinations are common, the vaccine is administered only to girls from 9 years of age and women, but is now gaining trend of vaccination and boys. Vaccination against papillomavirus allows you to stop its transmission from person to person, it is better to protect girls from the risk of cervical cancer, and boys – from cancer of the mouth and throat and genitals.

Vaccination against hepatitis A

Outbreaks of hepatitis A can happen in Ukraine because of water pollution, therefore, vaccination against it is recommended for children and adults. Vaccination against hepatitis A is also is done if you are traveling to countries where it is widespread. For example, Africa, Asia and South America.

Children from 1 year and adults administered two doses of hepatitis A.

To find out where to get vaccinations, how to store the vaccine before you are vaccinated, and when and how it is better to do you should consult with your family doctor.