What do the colors of roses?

Each flower has its own meaning and properly arranged bouquet can reflect the deep sensual Symphony.

Що означають кольори троянд?

The most beautiful think in the language of flowers, because with the help of a certain color can Express all what I think and feel without saying anything, and it is very important.

Rose always was, is, will be an undefeated leader among of all the colors. In addition to beautiful and elegant qualities, they are self-sufficient and universal. Among the indisputable advantages of the roses is the fact that it is a win-win option, because it is a favorite flower in fact any woman, informs Rus.Media.

White color

White flowers identify the symbol of perfection, innocence and purity. This bouquet will tell about the beauty of the person for whom the bouquet is intended. Rose petals equate to pristine purity and perfection created by mother nature. Actually, therefore, on the occasion of Union of two hearts, presented with white roses that speaks of sincere, sublime, pure and faithful love.


Red represent the all-consuming, sensual and earthly passion. In General, each bouquet reflects some degree of love, admiration or gratitude, but red roses are more eloquent of all think about love and passion. So red the rose is deemed the Queen of this type of flowers. The passion, the desire – that’s what will tell you the red rose.

Arrangement of red roses and white represents the harmony of feelings, a combination of earthly and heavenly love.

Burgundy color

Burgundy color – a variation of red. He will tell about the Hobbies, hot love at first sight and passionate feelings. “You have no idea, how beautiful You are” – meaning in the language of flowers bouquet of dark red roses. That is quite strange, but they do not represent the long and strong feelings.

Pink color

Pink convey subtle emotions such as tenderness, delicacy and elegance. They have a rich enough palette.

Of sympathy, especially having a cold Bud, tells rose a soft pink color. Pink color, unlike the red, reports the emergence of feelings, openness to relations and intend to develop them further.


Yellow Express recognition, respect, friendship, caring. Best to combine them with other colors of roses. As a symbol of the values of achievement, success and sincere wishes to give flowers to with them better birthday or responsible for any celebration.

At the same time, yellow roses are taken to give as a sign of reconciliation after a quarrel, like a bouquet says, “you Need to forgive and to start all over again!”.

The color purple

Represent the unexpected feelings, the fascination with man and a fleeting passion. But here we are not talking about permanent and long-standing feelings, though it is also feelings, and only Cupid can know what they are capable of becoming. Purple roses similar to Burgundy often portrayed on Valentine’s day.

Orange color

Orange flowers interpretiruya hot feelings, best wishes and admiration. To say “Love me drunk” is capable of a bouquet with orange roses. Such flowers symbolize not only affection, but also admiration and pride in them.

Peach color

Peach plants, a symbol of the joy of meeting, gratitude and humility. Bouquets with peach roses belongs to present after the successful completion of joint Affairs. Such flowers to decorate the ceremonial table.