What do the owners of bonded car

Motorists are advised to sell their cars.

Що робити власникам нерозмитнених авто

Two months later, car owners on avtonomera that violated customs rules, will mercilessly fine. According to the tax Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, the country still uncleared more than 260 thousand cars. Officials do not hide the fact that some of the owners of these cars are unlikely to do so in the coming months corny for lack of money. In addition, benefits extend just will not, informs Rus.Media.

“Options for those who have not managed to clear for whatever reason until February 22, when they had a 50% exemption on excise, now a little. Or customs clearance for 100% of the excise tax, or get rid of the car, passing it on disassembly or as donor units. But everything will depend on how the law will be implemented from may 25. Formally, the police will have every reason to apply penalties to those cars, which violated the terms of stay in the country. How will they exercise this right in practice is another question. In any case, to operate a car on problemach will not be so comfortable as before,” assured the CEO of information-analytical group Autoconsulting Oleg Omelnitsky.

To kidnap their

De jure, motorists still have time for a painless customs clearance with the payment of concessional penalty in the amount of 8,500 UAH. However, if prior to February 22, 2019, they paid half the excise, after this date pay the full cost of the excise tax, but without draconian penalties.

“The owners of these machines still have time for customs clearance. However, it will cost more, after all discounts on the excise duty they have. If they don’t have time to clear or remove the machine until may, then it is better not to operate – any COP would stop them and write a huge fine (more than 17 thousand UAH. up to 170 thousand UAH. depending on the magnitude of the delay). So if the car was imported “camel”, that is, non-resident, it is better to take to salvage or to sell on spare parts. If the car was imported to the Ukrainian owner on a “transit”, it should display fine in the amount of 8 500 UAH – still cheaper than a ride on such a car in Ukraine,” said Serhiy matusyak.

Another option, experts say, to do everything possible to this car “stolen”. Write a statement about the theft to the police, and the car to sell for parts. First of all, it concerns wroble, which was decorated in the Ukrainian driver-owner. Then motorists would have a formal excuse to shift the blame for delay on the “car thieves”.

“Calculated” in the database and fined

May 24 grace period will end and people will be fined for the full program, and can even confiscate the car.

“The owners of these cars still have the ability to clear of or their cars, or (if the car is decorated in Ukrainian through a power of attorney), scrap metal yard and get at least some profit,” – said partner of law firm “Mandate” among Balalaika.

Already in may to hand over on scrap metal your problemi will not work. A “loss” or roskomplekt car, a penalty of 170 000 UAH. If the car is in Ukrainian, and he missed a clearance, did something with his car (for example, passed to the metal), it will fine.

“If the machine is issued to the foreigner and the Ukrainian just the attorney, then there is the question of how you prosecute. But there are options under which the police will monitor the owner of the car (for those who have long traveled on this road), take the witnesses and drew up a report, which establish that it is not the car of a foreigner, and your. But again- it’s a matter of time, practice, and policy, how will behave the police after may 24. Anyway, will fine anyone who doesn’t rosette car. To avoid unrealistic penalties,” he Callico.

From may on, the road is better not to travel on such machines, the lawyers say, because the Fiscal service gave the police a database of cars that entered the territory of Ukraine. If the driver will stop and see in database that the car is illegally, there will be the imposition of sanctions.

Under the new law (No. 8488), for delay of customs clearance will be fined:

  • 1 day – 3 400 UAH.
  • 10-20 days – 8 500 UAH.
  • 20-30 days – 85 000 UAH.
  • more than a month – 170 000 UAH. up to confiscation.

Financial penalties are not insured, even those who leave their badges in the garage. Lawyers argue that such machines will be calculated on the same basis of customs. If the car was imported personally, or have the name of the Ukrainian driver, it will send the fine by mail.