What does the expression “atmospheric”?

Many call this state of harmony with oneself and the world. Someone thinks it is calm. Who – equilibrium.

Що означає вислів "жити атмосферно"?

In the literal sense of the word, is filling the atmosphere of the place or the situation in which you are fully her match, allowing you to take in a certain state, surrender him to the fullest. To be “here and now”, the reality of the sensations, feelings, States, informs Rus.Media.

To achieve the atmospherics in the art is not so simple, there is always some distance between an artist, a musician, a writer and those to whom he addresses his art. That is, the author always acts as an intermediary between the arbitrariness of creation and reality. But his task is to turn this Convention into something so recognizable, that it does not cause any doubt that it wasn’t noticeable of the author, his methods, efforts, attempts and efforts. To achieve such a level of skill difficult. Sometimes impossible, if the work is taken people completely unrelated to abilities. Then the viewer, listener and reader can see from stitched cloth white threads that stick out awkwardly. And do not perceive the painting as something atmospheric. Meanwhile, real art is always atmospheric.

Atmospheric art film or a play, which so captivates the viewer that he becomes a participant in the events. As the Director of this reaches? It shows characters in a familiar and natural condition, environment, the world in which they live. They are natural and recognizable, and it gives the audience a special treat atmospheric contemplation and living. No wonder these paintings, films, performances, photos are in high demand and recognition from the public.

We especially appreciate people who can create for us an atmosphere of celebration, a cozy atmosphere, love atmosphere… Any other atmosphere, we experience deep feelings and incredible emotions. We strive to fill our lives with such atmospheric works of art, places, institutions, people. Yes, and people are too atmospheric…

Many call this state of harmony with oneself and the world. Someone thinks it is calm. Who – equilibrium. Someone it seems so happiness. I want to call it as the atmospherics of his own life. What does it mean?

To live naturally means…

• To feel her spontaneity and react spontaneously. That is to see the continuous flow, the variability of life and their ability to respond adequately to these changes. What does it mean? In short, it means to cry when sad and laugh when happy. That is, to behave most naturally in this situation, accepting and living it deeply and sincerely.

The most spontaneous creatures are children and animals. Typically, adults lose the ability to spontaneously respond to life. They learn to lie to each other, to flatter, to manipulate, to suppress, to play the role, etc. They need it to achieve certain goals.

• To see details, but the essence. Sometimes there is a strange situation: all the parts fit rules are met, the costumes and sets match the time and place, and atmosphere (happiness, joy, love) no. Why? Because the outside scenery is missing content. Conversely, sometimes a complete mismatch of parts and sets on us descends with an amazing sense of atmosphere life. This is when we see a persons soul in random words to guess the real feelings in simulated scenes we find true meaning. Sometimes he lurks in the details, only the details of a different kind, discreet but unmistakably read our heart.

• To live every minute like the last here and now. Those who had once been in the clutches of death and back, knows the value of life. He completely overestimates his old life and enjoys every its moment. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in an ordinary situation. We usually think that life is infinite, that we are still ahead, that might have something to say or do tomorrow. We postpone the most important moments in some convenient, successful day. We maintain beautiful clothes and utensils, we don’t sleep on new sheets and use beautiful objects, keep them for some better times. This is a bug that does not allows us to achieve the atmosphere of his own life. But living every moment as the most important, we can feel the full extent of its unique atmosphere.

• To dream. The ability to break away from the petty purposes of the satisfaction of primitive needs in the field of dreams, helps us to feel the sublime atmosphere of moving forward and upward. Dream is not harmful, harmful not to dream at all. To some extent the dream is the atmosphere. The atmosphere of happiness we want to achieve. Say, waiting for love sometimes more beautiful than love itself. So the dream may be for many of us much more atmospheric than the implementation of it.

What prevents us to live the atmosphere?

Sometimes feel your own life hinder us:

• The rush. We all the time rush, trying to catch up, run, ignoring the important moments of life, we groupname in the secondary and unnecessary.

• The competition. Comparing yourself to others, competition, the desire to outdo, to surpass, to do better than others, to win, to achieve the elevation and recognition of our achievements plunges us into continuous marathon for other people’s treasures. We run from the atmosphere of his life in an alien atmosphere of someone’s expectations, social standards, etc.

• Fear. Fear to be myself: simple, sincere and spontaneous, like ugly and what you comfortable with. Fear not to reach the goal. Fear of being alone. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of the future, the past. The fear of death. In General, any fear binds us and does not enjoy the moment of today’s life.

To live naturally is to get rid of what is stopping to breathe, to think, to dream, to move onward and upward, to love, to feel. Live atmospheric is the best way of life. It allows you to dive into it head first and get with what incomparable pleasure, no matter what storms and bad weather wasn’t swept up in our sea.