What does the name Ekaterina

The name comes from the Greek word “katarios” which means “pure”, “immaculate”.

 Що означає ім&#039я Катерина

Value: the Name comes from the Greek word “katarios” which means “pure”, “immaculate”, reports Rus.Media.

Origin: Catherine, in the view of most people, is associated with the “Royal” name, with Majesty and authority.

Character: Catherine from childhood stands out with some originality. She loves to stock up, displaying greed. I will try to drag the table a little more candy and hide them in a secluded place, will lay hold of a stray Apple.

Proud, hardly transfers someone’s superiority. Strives to be the best in the class and tries to communicate only with the “elect.”

Fine job in any kind of activity, special preferences of any profession does not give.

Inclined to believe astral projections. Has a timid nature. Experiences an inner restlessness and anxiety on the most frivolous pretexts. It can do unpredictable things, and she needs a husband who would give her a sense of confidence. Economic Affairs is engaged as needed. It is not always possible to properly educate children.

Near Catherine’s is always a lot of fans, but she been in a long time. Looking for a man close to her psychological makeup.

Health is fragile and much depends on the state of the psyche. Easily subjected to stress. The nervous system is unstable. Quickly gets tired, it needs a long sleep and rest.

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