What does the name Marina

The name comes from the Latin word “Marinus”.

Що означає ім&#039я Марина

Meaning: “Sea”

Origin: the Name comes from the Latin word “Marinus”, reports Rus.Media.

Personality: Marina is one who knows his own worth, and if she’s pretty, her self esteem may be overly inflated. Able to subordinate their emotions to reason, therefore, all the behavior makes the calculating and deliberately. Marina from early childhood becomes an object of worship. At school boys will constantly pay attention to it, trying to befriend her, date.

Growing up, Marina becomes even more charming. Men are helpless before her mysterious spell. Looking for married calm, and financially secure life. My husband will always have to pay much attention to Marina, she needs admiration, compliments, flowers. If such signs are absent, then you may be tension in the marriage relationship.

Marina does not forgive her husband’s infidelity, ready to go, even a complete breakdown of marriage. The kitchen is able to showcase the wonders of culinary art and amaze all the guests with the sophistication of the prepared dishes. In relations with children are impulsive: it seeks to remake the kids are doing, then leaves them alone for long periods of time.

Basically choose the profession of a nurse, doctor, engineer, Barber, actress.

Suffering different kinds of diseases of the teeth and gums — caries, malocclusion, periodontal disease.

Something to please the birthday girl?

Prepare delicious festive dish, for example, apricot pie with almond petals!

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