What dream dead relatives

Dreams in which dead relatives are usually cause fear and anxiety. However, it is not necessary to tune in to the negative, most often, these dreams carry a positive charge.

До чого сняться померлі родичі

To obtain the most accurate interpretation of a dream in which you dream about dying, it is desirable to remember all the details of the dream – story, the scene, the behavior (family member and your own), emotional stress and so on. Also essential to deciphering dreams with dead relatives is the ability to correlate the information with real events.

Sometimes from a dead sleep extremely make clear what purpose they appeared in the dream. And then we have to focus on their words. If the dead man calls you in your sleep or going to lead someone close to you, then this dream warns of the calamity that might happen. To ward off trouble it is necessary in the next parent to come Saturday with refreshments at the grave of a dream of a relative, to light a candle or the oil lamp and say: “the Servant of God (name) to live happily ever after and grief do not know, and you’re dead servant of God (name of deceased), words in the wind to drop and the child is not hurt. Your words – the dust, will vanish into the winds. Henceforth and forever. Amen.” To put on the grave a treat and say, “Here your place is here, and repose in the night, midnight alive, the trouble is not prorotsy”. This rite is available to all, to whom deceased relatives come in dreams with bad prophecies. But this applies only to those dreams in which the words of the late sound is clear and cannot be interpreted differently.

Sometimes dead relatives come in dreams in order to live fulfilled some mission did something for yourself or for them (asked for forgiveness, admitted something, something fixed, etc.). Usually, these dreams are caused by internal experiences of a person who feels something in his guilt before the dead. The constant memories of him and cause respective dreams. Enough to occupy his mind with something else (good books, films, meetings with peers, new Hobbies), and the dreams will stop. Now when these dreams and negative events following them. Most likely, in this situation it is necessary to change the perception of what is happening. Must be that don’t have dead relatives to bad, and bad things happen after saw this dream. Most likely, they want through a dream to warn of impending trouble.

Most often (in 90 cases from 100) with sleep deceased relatives fulfill this mission. You need to analyze your dreams, to remember what makes them your deceased loved ones. Talking to you? Fighting? Do some business? What? Or they dream as if in passing, ghostly, barely perceptible? Perhaps they want to draw attention to some long-standing problems in your life, eliminating that, the dreamer will find peace now.

Our dear dead this more vision than most that live. Analyze, compare details, and draw conclusions. Don’t leave these dreams without attention. Has long been known that dreams affect the subconscious of a person and motivates him to make important decisions.

The plot to the dead can not dream

If dreams of the dead constantly harassed, you can do the following. Wait for the waning moon. Cook hard-boiled egg. While cooking, recite the cold water in the bowl the words: “Water, water, cool restless spirit in the Bud forever. Amen.” A boiled egg put in zagovore water, let cool. Then place it near a lighted candle and tell: “Like a candle flame rises upwards, so the soul of the deceased servant of God (name) returning from whence there is no return. Lord knows where anyone will go back not return, the living do not mind. The servant of God (name) there, and me, servant of God (name), a way to forget. Amen.” Egg need to bury under a tree with the words: “Peace and eternal rest for the dead river. Amen.” Dead don’t dream.

Afraid to dream of the dead is not necessary. Often, therefore, they only remind myself, and then enough to put a candle in the Church for the dead, give alms to the poor, to visit the grave of the deceased. But if the dream is vivid and emotional, filled with bright events, projecting it on the present, look for common ground. And don’t forget to thank the dead for their help and participation in your life.

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