What foods Russians eat too much and too little

Какие продукты россияне едят слишком много и слишком мало

Chief expert, Council of SCIENCE “FITS of food and biotechnology” Alla Pogozheva told what foods are malnourished and move the people of Russia. Specialist noticed that the Russians, in particular, consume too much animal protein, reports RIA “Novosti”.

At the III all-Russian Congress of gerontology and geriatrics Pogozheva noted that in the diet of Russians in abundance are animal products and confectionery. And the lack of potatoes, vegetables, fruits, berries, melons and dairy products.

The expert has noticed that incorrect eating behavior can lead to serious health problems and reduce life expectancy. In particular, an unbalanced diet can cause the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and gout, find out what causes gout.

According to experts, about 54% of men and 59% of women are overweight. Pogozheva stressed that small obesity can shorten life by five years, and the strong – 15.

Earlier, the expert from the United Nations advised Russians to eat insects. The organization noted that such food is cleaner than meat from cattle.