What Greek goddess you according to your zodiac sign?

Какая вы греческая богиня по вашему знаку зодиака?

Capricorn Hestia.

Hestia — the first Olympic goddess, eternally young, the patroness of the hearth and sacrificial flame. Among other things, the Hestia Apollo himself tried to score, but got turned down because the vow of chastity — this is not a joke: give — here. So Capricorns are the same: your whole love stuff is a good thing, of course, and important who would think? Pushkin? No, Capricorn will think!

Like Hestia who gave Prometheus the fire for the unfortunate mortals. Capricorns will first take care of others, and then about himself, or so it looks from the outside.

In fact, Capricorns do not need to take care of themselves, because they have everything in order. I mean, they already do, we just don’t notice.

And another thing: the Romans called Hestia Vesta. The priestesses of the goddess Vesta were required to keep their virginity — not forever, but only until the end of service life. But it has received solid buns: freed from the power of the father, had the right to dispose of his property, to pardon criminals, and to execute undesirables.

Capricorns would agree without hesitation.

Aquarius — Nick.

Nika — the goddess of victory, a symbol of a happy outcome. Nika was often portrayed with winged or in the posture of rapid movement over land. Attention, question: has anyone ever seen of Aquarius, which quietly pritouritze in the area and will be there to sit quietly?

Ha, even if the lady of Aquarius back by force to sit down, she begins to gesticulate and speak with such speed that all will be sure that the Aquarius, as usual, runs through the ceiling, why be surprised?

Just Aquarians have an endless supply of vitality and optimism, so they are arranged.

And by the way, Aquarians always win. No options. So, if you urgently need to win a contest with fate, pray to Nike. I mean make friends with the Aquarius. Nick is a generous goddess, she’s for you victory is not pathetic, she is still there.

Pisces Aphrodite.

There is no doubt that Aphrodite was born under the sign of Pisces. Because the goddess of love — this time. Because the goddess of beauty. And because he knew a lot about suffering.

Aphrodite was in love with the handsome Adonis, but poor, alas, died on the hunt. Aphrodite has not experienced grief, run, jumped from the Leucadian rock into the sea. Well, why not to jump, if you’re immortal, right? If Fish could, they would jump.

However, Fish without it can suffer so that others compressed heart, and eyes welling with tears. Oh, how thin it feels, how beautiful suffering! On this rod there are those who resist the beauty of the Fish or in front of their mystique.

No chance for anybody in General. Well that Aphrodite — the goddess of good.

Aries — Athena.

Athena — perhaps the most revered goddess. Athena represents wisdom, patron of science and crafts, art, knowledge and ingenuity. But, actually, she specializes in military strategy.

Athena is the only goddess who uses masculine attributes: armor, helmet and spear. The question is, why the Greeks needed a goddess of war, they also had Ares? But because the God of battles was treacherous and insidious and waged war for the sake of wars.

Athena is patronized only the war that was started out of necessity. Aries is, without a doubt. Girls-Aries are also not averse to impose objectionable on the spear, but only for the cause, and not because the mood is bad. Just like Aries, except that the shield on top will kill — edification. However, some do not survive, well, let them crawl away, weaklings.

The cult of the goddess of war is not for kids, you know.

Taurus — Demeter.

Demeter — goddess of fertility and patroness of agriculture. Farming is hard work, so the cult of Demeter can be summarized as: we are all shock work and then sincerely treat than a goddess sent. The goddess is usually sent not only food but also wine. And more, more!

There is no doubt that demetria is a Taurus who knows how to appreciate the simple pleasures type of delicious food, good wine and, by the way, is honest work.

However, it is not necessary to think that the Demeter — a harmless patron of work and treats. One day Hades kidnapped her daughter Persephone, and did what you think she did? Pulled the brat from hell and he cast him from the heart. So that the poor man agreed to release Persephone to mom every year, and he huddled back into his adock and no longer gleamed.

Taureans are warned: it will be with anyone who dares to touch that Taurus is expensive. If you’re Hades, hell even bald.

Gemini — Irida.

Iris — messenger of the gods, her task is to deliver orders all over the world: on land, in the depths of the sea and even in the realm of the dead.

The Thunderer was once sent to Hades Iris, handing her the Cup. And what do you think? She has scooped some water from the Styx, and brought to Olympus. The water, if you remember, symbolized the sanctity of oaths, but a primal terror.

In General, do not recommend washing in the Styx hands. And the Iris and it is uneasy as the Twins. Gemini is capable of the most incredible things, but only on one condition: let it be very-very interesting, please!

Gemini is an avid traveler, party girl, and the universal friend. And the Twins transcend some flimsy border. Irida easily flew into the chambers of Zeus, here, and mistress Gemini will meet with the President of the country, if you come to her this hunt.

Because the ease, and charm are the keys to all the doors. And the Twins they are.

Cancer Gay.

Gaia — the earth goddess, mother of all that lives and grows on it as well as mother of the Sky, Sea, titans and giants. Universal mother, in short. Just like a Cancer. Cancer just let someone give birth and rear: and all the more it is necessary nothing, keep away from Cancer with all sorts of nonsense, can’t you see the man busy, not your nonsense!

However, gay was sometimes called Chthonia, and the adjective “chthonic” personified the wild natural power of the earth, and the underworld too, by the way. And it’s about Crawfish, no doubt. Raki — a reference to his mother, who, if anything, the abuser of their children buried in the of hton. And by the way, is “dear” — not necessarily a child.

Everyone Cancers love their “little children”. That’s the nature.

Leo — Ger.

Hera is the patron goddess of marriage, protecting the mother during birth, but that no one remembers. But everyone remembers that Hera — wife of Zeus, the first lady of Olympus.

Actually the third, because Zeus already had two wives, but at least someone knows about them? No, of course. Hera, whose name translates as “lady” beside him did not tolerate any rivals. Genuine Lioness, or she would be the first, or better go find myself another Olympus.

This, however, has never happened, because who in their right mind will compete with a Lioness? Some have tried to compete with the Hero, and you know what happened? Correct: “In General, all died” ©.

Virgin Themis.

Themis, the wife of Zeus, which no one remembers. I mean, no one remembers that she married a Thunderer, but the fact that she is the goddess of justice, try to forget it!

Femida — symbol of impartiality and fairness, and she is the voice of God: the will of Zeus was voiced it justice, that means that all sorts of weaklings gloh from the thunder of the voice of the Supreme God.

Smekaesh? If the maid says something, her mouth speaketh the truth. If Virgo says something that you don’t like, you have to hear it, because Virgo is not wrong: it your personality is uninteresting, Virgo appreciates the facts.

Libra — Persephone.

To Persephone, as you know, wooed by the most eligible bachelor of Olympus — Ares and Apollo.

But, apparently, the charming daughter of Demeter was born under the sign of Libra, because to choose someone she couldn’t, what a shame! However, her personal life is still settled: beauty has stolen the God of the dead Hades, and they live happily ever after, quite happily.

Ideal for Weights: it is not necessary to decide anything, they will come and all decide! However, Persephone’s mother-in-law somehow did not work, so the young imposed marriage contract: two thirds of the year Persephone lives on Olympus, one third in the underworld.

Libra, give them the will, so too would live: two versions, both correct — this is a personal Paradise for the Weights. Personal heaven and personal hell underground — everything is delicious!

Scorpio — Hecate.

Hecate bestows wisdom in the marketplaces, happiness and war booty on the hunt. All this she does just for the sake of appearances, of course, because she’s actually the goddess of the Underworld.

Hecate teaches mortals the magic, commands the witches and poisonous plants as well as hanging out with dead souls at the crossroads. In General, you understand, Hecate, the goddess that I am afraid even those who called Aida earth worm.

Learned lady Scorpion? Yeah, it is.

In Scorpio fall in love at first sight, and afraid to approach: do you hear the skin that this still waters are found not only the devil, and something worse. Scorpio, however, is not worried, she will still worship, sooner or later, one way or another.

Doubt? Then know that, according to one version, the famous Statue of liberty is… Yes, that’s right! This Is Hecate. The spiked crown that she wore. And did you ever wonder why the symbol of freedom need a torch? Illuminate people’s path? Yeah, right. The path in the darkness, where Hecate commanded.

Sagittarius — Artemis.

Artemis — goddess of hunting and Protectress of all living things. And she is the guardian of female chastity and helper of women in childbirth.

But how? How can you patronize a completely opposite concepts? It’s very simple. Look at the archers: the Archers are so integral nature that the concept of cognitive dissonance, they are in principle alien.

Archers are able to accept and understand any idea, any belief and any point of view. This, incidentally, does not mean that the girl-Archer is ready to share everything. Her every question there is one universal answer: the main thing is to get involved in a brawl, and there along the way, we will understand. And it understands, which is amazing.

Moreover, the opposing parties believe that the Archer fully supports them. On and reconciled in the end, and Archer is sent to extend to each other any other opposites.

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