What handwriting can tell about a person’s character?

Что почерк может сказать о характере человека? 

Did you ever wonder why people write a certain way? Because in all elementary grades are taught to write correctly, bringing in ABC each letter. The thing is that a person’s handwriting affect his character. And remarkably, it can be very different depending on the mood of a particular person. We will understand more. Handwriting and character: talking about letters?1. Letters written by lithocholic who writes the words inseparable, that is, connecting each letter with the next, often has excellent logic and coherence. He’s loyal and largely flawless. In addition, it is often unnerving someone else’s carelessness.2. Unrelated BuyVicodinOnline and independent, these people the impression detached from the world of dreamers. But so it is. They are carefree and absolutely consistent in their actions and words. They can say one thing and do another, proving that and hadn’t just said that.3. Rounded bukvica more rounded letters in the text writing, the more flexible and easy-going person. It is difficult to ruffle. He always tries to find a common language with people of different temperament and will easily concede, if it helps to keep a smooth relationship with the interlocutor.4. Pointed bukuya here the owner of this handwriting is not much of an effort to please others. He is headstrong and adamant. For any statement from him will always be arguments, which would be contrary to what was said. He loves to argue and prove the opposite, and I will not rest until you are out of the debate victorious.5. Direct buquebus without much inclination reveal to us a discreet and laconic. Wow, what better to prove to others their abilities in word and deed. Typically, such people have a good reputation, but not too large circle of acquaintances. 6. String creep vergetot people born optimist and adventurer. He can not sit still, he constantly rushes forward in the search for new knowledge and interesting acquaintances. Interestingly, these people with mind may seem quite calm but in the minds they are always full of ideas and crazy plans for the future.7. Line crawling unisstroy and doubt often stand in the way of this man on the path to achieving the goals. Not to say that he doesn’t have enough energy or laziness prevails. Just so often feel in good shape and not to stop, he needs someone to push him and guide in the right direction.8. The sharp tilt to the left or pravovye write so people who just gushes with energy and can’t sit still. I have the feeling that they write in a hurry, not to waste time on trifles and rather proceed to the more important Affairs.9. Tilt in different storonychne man writes as if words and even written by different people, it speaks to his fragile psyche. He can be prickly and sentimental, resolute and timid at the same time. He’s incredibly fast mood changes and goals in life. Simply put, this man is a walking firework of emotions, to cope with which is not always even to him.10. The lack perineometry man uses in his letter hyphenation, but prefers to transfer the entire word to the next line it says that he is extremely careful throughout. Sometimes due to this feature they’re missing a great opportunity in my life. But is it also rare.Now you know how the connection between the character and the writing. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends in social networks!

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