What happens if you don’t pay your insurance?

Que se passe-t-il si vous ne payez pas vos assurances?

A lot of people will be on the tightrope of financial in the coming weeks. Pay attention to your insurance !

Knowing that an employee-in-four canadians live from one payday to the other and that approximately one-third of québec households have at least one critical need unmet due to lack of resources of the fund, we understand that the pandemic comes singularly to complicate the financial situation of millions of Quebecers in unemployment forced.

This is not the time to jump up your insurance payments.

Loss of coverage

You may as well lose your coverage.

The principle applies just as much to property and casualty insurance (home, auto) and life insurance.

An auto insurance policy costs fifty dollars per month, on average, a little more for home insurance. In life insurance, depending on the type of coverage, monthly payments ranged from twenty dollars to a hundred dollars, and even more. Some insured will pass through it without batting an eyelid, but the accumulation of these small amounts of money that in appearance represents large amounts of money every year.

On the other hand, damage insurance, many consumers have chosen a higher deductible to reduce their premiums, which makes sense when the income is regular and sustained. But if there is a disaster (fire, water damage is important, car accident…), and that your income decreased in the third because you are unemployed, you may have difficulty meeting a $ 500 deductible or $1,000.

Call your insurer

If you feel that you have difficulty meeting your payments insurance, contact your insurers or your broker.

It is this that suggest that organizations such as the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the canadian Association of insurance companies of persons (CLHIA).

The spokesperson of insurers such as Desjardins, Intact or Promutuel have recently stated that they were open to ” put in place special measures of relief for their customers.

Several insurers confirm that they “accompany” their customers and provide them with the “flexibility” in their payments. Some will grant such delays or adjustments to certain protections. But, you guessed it, each insurer will work on a case-by-case basis.


  • Before you call your insurer for auto, home or life, review your needs. Then I store the second or third car for a few months ? Do I have to make a cross on the motorcycle season, or delay it ? Do I need term life insurance so that my children have left home or finished their studies ? Can I cancel the mortgage insurance and adjust your home insurance accordingly ? The insurance for my pets is it really necessary ?
  • If you have an emergency fund of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, can you increase the deductibles to decrease the premiums ?
  • Call your insurer as soon as possible, because there is a delay in processing when the payment is withdrawn from the bank account or processed by credit card.
  • Note the name of your contact, the date and time of the call. Ask for a written confirmation or email of any relief or any change.
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