What happens to cars that have not sold the dealership

Что происходит с автомобилями, которые не распродал автосалон

Few motorists think about, what happens to the cars that nobody bought in the showroom.

Every dealer sooner or later accumulate for themselves a large enough number of vehicles which can be illiquid, because nobody buys.

Rumors of purchases. On this topic among motorists runs a large number of rumors and myths. One of these is the one that all the cars that have been deemed illiquid, or hung in the showroom are being sent to a special warehouse, where you can buy them almost half the price. There is also a version that such unclaimed vehicles may be given under the disassembly of parts, after which will be distributed throughout the network of dealers of the manufacturer. The purpose of this action is the installation of technical centres to cars that have not yet expired warranty. But this is not true.

Of course, it would be nice if a network of dealerships distributed machines that were not sold. But this could happen only in a fairy tale.

According to statistics, 30% of new cars which are standing next to dealerships, will never find its owner.

The actions of the dealer in this case. Most of the cars will not be implemented even before the time when the salon will start to do new models, or vehicles after the procedure restyling. Where can they to put the dealer in order to find free space for newly received machines? Some of these vehicles can be transferred to the ownership of companies providing services of car rental or transfer their lease. Another variant of implementation of similar cars can be their selling parks taxi at a reasonable price. But this fate awaits not all machines. For the most part of the dishes are absolutely different journey.

The majority of dealers is a franchise. This means that they are the purchase of new machines directly from manufacturers and sell them at a increased cost to ensure a profit. So, after purchasing the car, the dealer company becomes the immediate owner. Then, immediately after the transfer payment, the dealer is given a full package of documents (title, customs documents, etc.). This prevents the shipment by the dealer a certain part of the machines back to the manufacturer, even after a certain time period to free up space for saving new models.

The result is the need for a dealer by any means to lure customers to their car showrooms, in order to get them to purchase the illiquid machines. Otherwise, he will simply lose the money invested and will not receive the profit that was scheduled.

But not all dealerships carry out their work at 100% prepayment. Some of them are just regular platform for the implementation of new machines. This means that the machine will be stored in the warehouse, until then, until they found a buyer, and the transfer of ownership from the factory to the dealer is not possible. For a successful transaction, the client must Deposit funds to the account of the dealer who forwards it to the automaker, which provides a delivery vehicle for carrying out the transfer of rights.

Result. In any case, cars that failed to sell, one day to leave the salon, freeing the space for new acquisitions. But selling them half the price also will not be performed, since then the factory, and the dealer would soon go bankrupt.

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