What happens when you let a strong woman

Что происходит, когда ты отпускаешь сильную женщину

When you let go of a strong woman, you don’t do yourself a favor. You’re doing her a favor. Because the strong woman knows that she is worth much more than the guy who let her go. A strong woman knows that she is the best thing that ever happened to you. You will not find this again.

A strong woman would never let a stupid boy break it. No, she’ll fly higher and higher.

Because no matter how many times she put the bandwagon, she sits up.

A strong woman will break the heart. And it will give yourself to suffer, to feel. She’s not going to pretend that all is well, will not give a strained smile. She will be healed. And when she’s ready, she will not return to the past. She’ll forget about him and about the guy who hurt her. She never shed a single tear for those who were too stupid to understand what he has lost.

Because when you let go of a strong woman, you really will set her free.

Because she doesn’t need a man to live. And the more she doesn’t need a lying selfish boy who thinks only of himself. In her heart she believes that one day I will find someone who will appreciate her worth, who will understand that she is his sun, sky and earth.

Don’t worry — she’ll be begging you to come back. She won’t be ringing at your door, will not try to make you jealous.

Ha, she will absolutely not care that you now think about it.

Because when you next time you see her laughing with her friends, and illuminates all with his wonderful smile, know that it’s true. She’s not faking it. She really is happy. Without you. Please get it through your little head. You let her go. And now it’s even better.

Don’t think she ever will chase you like a dog. Do not fantasize about how she’ll call you in the night in tears because he misses you. And do not even dare to think that she’ll be begging to come back.

The little boy, her heart much more than you will ever be.

It is much more beautiful than you’ll ever be.

And it is its own sun, sky and earth.

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