What I want or don’t want in a relationship men of all Zodiac Signs

Что хотят и чего не хотят в отношениях мужчины всех Знаков Зодиака

Males of different Zodiac Signs require different expressions of love. For certain if something plays a big role, others do not even notice. For some men enough economic modest women, while others give a true Queen and nothing less.

The representatives of some Zodiac Signs need a faithful companion in life who can share all difficulties and to move to another plan, and another wants to be independent and successful.

So what we want actually the strong articles of various Signs of the Zodiac, who to them is the ideal? We now describe.


For men born under this zodiac sign it is important to have a woman at the same time successful and a mysterious Princess. For him not an option Housewives and caring mothers. Aries is a conqueror and remains so always. Wife is looking for a mysterious and clever to conquer it again and again.


This man wants to see a good hostess and beautiful. If you meet this, you will fall in love with her more and more. First plan will always be intelligence and education. To please a man, she should have time at home and at work, and stay attractive.


In the life of the Twins came very joyful and positive period. Gemini will be full of new ideas, although plans to this Zodiac Sign have already been thought out. You should reject questionable proposals in early April.


Born under the zodiac Cancer men need constant confirmation that he love requires tenderness and attention. Prefer a woman at the same time friend and lover. Will not tolerate insults and criticism.


A man looking for a woman who will always admire his lifelong companion. He needs in a relationship love and recognition. Will never tolerate criticism or indifference to him. A fatal error in the relationship with him may be taking small things, and also pulling attention to yourself.


A man will pay attention to an unavailable woman. He loves such traits as strong character and insecurity at the same time. His companion is the one that can be both commanding and requiring care. Would not mind if the woman will be able to make herself and won’t take it on consignment in full material support of the family.


The main thing for him in a relationship is peace, love and harmony. Unlikely to accept, if you will be attending the constant scandals showdown. It requires regular conversations, if you’re indifferent to it – very disappointed. Waiting for that companion she will guide the relationship in the right direction, take responsibility.


For a man important in a relationship, the energy exchange, to adjust the relations sincere. Strongly feel falsity and will not tolerate it. Will be happy if the next lady will develop to become successful. He is not interested a simple housewife or too bright Madame.


In a relationship for men Sagittarius important to achieve mutual understanding, to freedom, to lead an active lifestyle. For representatives of this Zodiac Sign in the woman important a positive attitude towards life, having a sense of humor. So he is looking for a woman who will be a faithful friend and companion, and makes a good mistress with beautiful appearance. He will never accept the fact that his freedom and rights are infringed.


These men both in life and in relationships important to the stability, care and comfort. It is necessary to constantly show love, don’t even have to talk about it, he needs to feel. A woman should be able to create a cosiness and comfort, to support his quest to the top. He likes serious and responsible lady with whom to be common interests.


This man wants to be with a woman who will not limit his freedom, will understand. Will not accept whining and complaints, explanation of the relationship. Requires unconditional loyalty. A woman should be special and original in everything.


Men born under this Zodiac Sign, require constant proofs of love. Wants his mood felt and sought emotional intimacy. His companion must maintain and support.

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