What if the car fell trolley wire or the lightning hit it!

Simple rules of behavior in a situation when your car was at the epicenter of a lightning strike or a fallen electric wire high-voltage lines.

Що робити, якщо на машину впав тролейбусний провід або в неї вдарила блискавка!

High-voltage electric wire can get to the roof of the vehicle on two occasions. First, during any weather disaster, which is accompanied by a strong wind. Even if high-voltage line itself able to withstand a disaster, there is no guarantee that the wire will not break under the impact of the falling tree.

The second case is when a car may suddenly find themselves under high voltage associated with the accident. Machines often resort to the mast, for example, urban lighting or pillars of the contact network of city electric transport. And in that and in other case the result is the same — the car falls wire. Finally, the car may fall is energized trolley wire, reports Rus.Media.

In all cases the driver and passengers there is a real risk of electric shock. And then you should always remember that while you sit in the car, the electricity you does not threaten. Unless, of course, due to the electrical discharge has not been fire. But such a result is exotic in most cases. The fact that the vehicle’s body, at least an absolute majority of the models are made of metal, which conducts current much better than the plastic interior and the human body. So while you are trying to get out of the car, energized, you’ll be fine, you will not feel any physical discomfort.

Що робити, якщо на машину впав тролейбусний провід або в неї вдарила блискавка!

But when you try to open the door and get out can be a problem. The fact that the tire rubber and electricity is not conducted. And at the moment when opening the door the man puts his foot on the ground, his body is likened to a ground wire between the body and the ground. Here comes the shock. Therefore, if the high-voltage wire lying on the roof of the car, stored out of the danger zone together with the car — after driving her away. Similarly, in a thunderstorm, when (but it happens) lightning hits the car, do not be afraid and pancavati.

Drains with metal body rain water is a great electrical conductor. With it appearance terrible power of lightning safely go in the ground. In the very very unlikely event that lightning came shooting out of a car in the absence of rain, people in the car will still remain intact. Is that (theoretically) can lead to failure the onboard electronics work well the airbag. Most likely the trouble of “dry” lightning (or when a failed automatic de-energization of the ragged wire) — destroyed auto tires.

When a sufficiently high voltage in the machine may occur the so-called breakdown electric discharge to the ground through the rubber tires. From this, they can explode and even catch fire because a short circuit is usually accompanied by a large amount of heat. But still, even a broken electricity wheels need to try first to crawl back from a torn cable and then hastily leave the car.

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