What if the construction of your new home is delayed?

Que faire si la construction de votre nouvelle maison est retardée?

A reader of the Journal, who sold his house just before the containment measures related to the pandemic coronavirus, can not hand over the keys to the new owners at the scheduled date. It asks what are its remedies.

This player is made to construct a new residence, which was to be delivered on the 30th of April. Regarding the sale of his current home, already concluded in the past few weeks, it is expected that the buyers take possession of it on may 2.

But since the health measures have forced the bet on break from the site, this player fears the impasse, since the delivery of his new house will be postponed to a later date to 2 may.

Plan B inevitable

Just like most people at the present time, our player suffers, unfortunately, the effects of a situation that is beyond his control. The best thing he could do in such a situation is to focus on the things they can control, and then to act.

Here are, in order of priority, the solutions that he could attempt to implement.

1. Opt for flats, houses, cottages offered for rent to short-term

Since the recent ban of make the short-term rental in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many owners of housing units offered for rent to short-term (31 days or less), have lost 100 % of their rental income. There is no doubt that several of them would be delighted to welcome you for a rental of 30 days or more, at a discounted rate. Just ask and compare offers. You can visit muraledesign.com for the best printing of your wall with mural.

And if you don’t want to unpack your boxes for a short-term housing short-term rental are normally equipped with furniture, dishes, linens and towels. You need only bring your clothes.

Home furniture design and fabric selection are very important to a modern homeowner, whether male or female. Nobody wants to choose the wrong furniture or home fabrics, and although the furniture might appear the more important of the two, the wrong fabric selection can completely ruin an otherwise well-designed room.When you are looking to decorate a home it is worth considering the vast array of decorative wall sconces that are available. These items are decor for the walls of the home, and they have the power to transform any room within the house. There are a number of different decorating tips that you could take into account when you are decorating the house. These wall sconces can act as a functional item as well as a decorative item therefore they are actually increasing in popularity. You will get here the variety of home decor antique wall sconces furniture product.

2.Favour an amicable agreement with the buyer

The first thing to do is to contact the buyer to see if he is open to compromise. If the date of taking possession is already signed and that the purchaser is not required to move to this date, our player could stay in his house, but as the lessee. It would be enough to pay a rent to the buyer, provided of course that he accepts this compromise.

3. Ask the developer what solution it offers

The promoter or the builder of your home may have other properties or are likely to be familiar to other entrepreneurs. Maybe he could help you out, offering you to stay temporarily in an empty slot, whether it is new or used.



  • If you need to relocate temporarily, the temporary storage of your furniture is an option to consider.
  • Several companies portable storage can deliver to your home, a container in which you can store your property. The container is then stored and then delivered to the desired location.
  • Read the contract signed with the contractor responsible for the construction of your home. See if there are late fees that have been included. If applicable, these fees could be used to pay all or part of the cost of storage of furniture and rental housing.
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