What information can be shared with others?

To share the best that is ready to accept our relatives and friends. Perhaps our greatest joy would be for someone a little grief.

Якою інформацією не можна ділитися з оточуючими людьми?

Your income

That’s definitely not the topic that is worth talking about. If you tell how much I earn or tell about their sources of income, it is not known yet what will come out of the source. For example, it may be envy that you are richer than him. Or to feel humiliated in comparison with you. And strangers to share such information at all dangerous, informs Rus.Media.

Even if you ask how much you get, it is better not to give an exact amount or pick a number less than it actually is.

Demonstration of wealth

Sometimes it’s hard to resist and not to show off the new car, smartphone, or dress from an expensive boutique. But it is better not to do it. This can cause jealousy and a negative attitude towards you. You can count too arrogant or an empty identity, which is important only the material side of life.

Plans for the future

Some people try not to tell anyone about their plans for the future, especially serious. And with good reason. First, plans may not come true, and then you can be reminded about this. Second, you can somehow cross the road because of envy or a bad relationship to you. In General, if you are up to something, better keep it to yourself. If it works, then share.

Family problems

Not everyone in the family relations develop smoothly. Misunderstandings may arise with parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, children. To tell others about it without good reason should not. This may contribute to the preparation of the negative opinions about you, and you will wash up bones.

Personal life

Brag about how well are things going for you on the personal front, definitely not worth it. If the interlocutor or companion, not all have it so good, you can easily envy. Some women confess that after they shared this information with a friend, it all went downhill, as if they are jinxed.

Smart girls don’t talk about the relationship or the upcoming wedding until, while hiding it will be impossible. And suddenly all goes wrong and someone starts to gloat about the failed marriage? But even if you have a family the lady and the man you are literally carried on the shoulders of, not brag about it. There are even cases when a jealous girlfriend trying to seduce these loving men. And not always unsuccessfully.

Let to harm you specifically and will not become, but is a nice, if somebody starts later to discuss your relationship? And to add all sorts of nonexistent details from yourself?


Tell us about the early pregnancy it is considered bad luck. Indeed, the shorter the term, the greater the risk of miscarriage. And the more people will know about it, the stronger the psychological trauma. Therefore, there is a rule in pregnancy admit to not earlier than when it will be over a half – 4,5 months. Of course, this does not apply to close relatives of the woman. But friends and employees prior to this date do not know.

Complaints against your attackers

All of us were once hurt. But should I tell the person how bad you were treated former classmates, colleagues or former friends? Hardly anyone will be interested to hear negativity about a completely unfamiliar to him. And in General, Complainants do not like, more willing to communicate with positive individuals. Your interlocutor may think that you and him then you’ll just complain, and will want to stay away from you.

Good deeds

Christians have a saying: “Right hand does not know what the left is doing”. Of course, it is commendable to help your fellow man, but if you in detail will tell, how a soup the old lady neighbor or transferred the money to a charity it will look nothing like the bragging. The interlocutor will think that you are doing good purely for PR, and such persons usually do not inspire sympathy.

Propaganda own lifestyle

Someone interested in sports or a healthy lifestyle, who – Buddhism, yoga, meditation, psychological training… But is it necessary to impose these things to others? After all, everyone makes his choice. Even if you consider something correct and useful, it is not necessary to push at him, urging him to do the same. This behavior may alienate, even if at first you cause the man sincere sympathy.

Someone else’s “obsession” something, usually annoying, especially if we are talking about unfamiliar people. Here close friends can relate to your “fad” condescending. If you want to talk about it, tell a few sentences. But it is not necessary to agitate companion to walk with you to class or to change your diet. If you’re interested – he will turn to you for advice.