What is dangerous to do to a tired man

Чем опасно заниматься усталому человеку

About such obvious things like driving or complex mechanisms, we will not speak. There are other threat activities for tired people.

Чем опасно заниматься усталому человеку

Intensive physical activity. Exercise is good, but if you are in a state of extreme fatigue expose themselves to excessive stress, it may adversely affect the body. For example, increases the risk of serious injury, but the effect of such trainings is not too large.

Drinks with caffeine. Who would think that caffeine will increase energy levels and banish sleepiness, but as soon as its effect stops, you’ll be faced with an even greater decline in energy level, which you too enjoy.

A quarrel with a partner. In a state of extreme fatigue often appear completely meaningless and heated debate. If you feel sleepiness and reduced energy levels before to sort things out, try to sleep tight.

Easy dreamer. At first glance it seems not only proper, but absolutely logical thing to do. However, fatigue will not be defeated by a small length of slumber in the long term if it is due to a chronic lack of sleep. So try to sleep longer at night, not to compensate for this day.

Empty calories. Research shows that deprived of sufficient rest, the brain actively makes people the absorption of different kinds of sweets and fattening foods. In reality, in the long run all this will result in excess weight and diabetes.

Important projects at work. Of course, in a state of drowsiness it is better not to conclude any major transactions and does not take up the implementation of some crucial projects at work. We are tired of man disturbed the decision-making process.

The change in sleep schedule. Again, it seems quite logical in a state of fatigue is to lie down on one to two hours early. But in doing so you will disrupt normal sleep schedule, which could trigger a vicious cycle of constant fatigue and lack of sleep.

Do not believe their own feelings. With restrictions you do not fully can understand how tired you are. For example, in one study, tired people sincerely believed himself to be not tired. Therefore, all significant decisions should be delayed.

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