What is the danger of air conditioners and especially whom they should be afraid

Чем опасны кондиционеры и кому особенно их надо бояться

The benefits of air conditioning for health is the doctors think being in a stuffy room is much more dangerous than using the air conditioner. But also the use of these cooling devices is associated with different risks for the body, including the very serious.

Dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, ears, neck, lower back, — with all these ailments that might face anyone who is indoors with air conditioning. The cold current of air can cause extreme temperatures and humidity, it is a high risk of respiratory disease, it is possible to catch not only sinusitis, and pneumonia. This was stated by the General practitioner Olga Khrebtova.

If the air conditioner is not clean, long circulation surpasses them air can be a factor of various allergic manifestations and infections. Such a neglected air conditioning system, located, for example, in offices or supermarkets, have become a haven for bacteria that cause “Legionnaires ‘ disease” — SARS, a disease with very serious consequences for the organism.

Another danger is poisoning poisonous to humans freon leak, which is possible in case of damage in the air conditioner. While there are headaches, nausea, vomiting, compressing pain when turning the head, breathing problems.
However, the doctor believes that heat and humidity undermine health stronger. Threat stuffy air for people with cardiovascular disease, the elderly and children — the thermoregulation system is weak, and therefore, heat is transferred much worse.

But the most vulnerable people are those whose immune system is weakened and not hardened.

“It all depends on the human body, how it is strengthened. Need a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, vaccination. It is necessary to do inoculations. Then the bacteria that get into the body, can have a painful effect, or will have it to a lesser degree. Vaccinated patients usually do not come with “complaints about air conditioning,” said Olga Khrebtova.

The expert noted the fact that the temperature difference with the outside air should not exceed 5-7 degrees, and the flow of cooled air in the room should not be directed at people – it flows should be evenly distributed in space.


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