What is the danger of contact zoos?

A ticket to the petting zoo is inexpensive, the child asks to cuddle fuzzies. But before you agree to it, think about how and what animals there are. .

У чому криється небезпека контактних зоопарків?

Animal contact in zoos

Has contact zoos in the areas of General availability – usually in shopping centers. This is usually a small room without supplying water and sanitation, special extracts. In terrariums, cages and pens where you can meet variety of animals: like a normal pet goats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas, and forest – hedgehogs, hares, porcupines, foxes, and even exotic such as kangaroo, lemurs, alpacas, meerkats and others. Often animals are kept in unsanitary conditions, eats anything and do not look very healthy and happy.

Who is responsible?

In emergency rooms and child welfare clinics periodically ask parents whose children have suffered from the aggression of animals from the zoo: often bite fingers small animals – hedgehogs, rats, meerkats, monkeys. Sometimes it happens by accident during feeding, when a child inadvertently gives food or stick his fingers in the cage. But there are cases when, tired of nervous tension animals attack special. It ends with visits to the emergency room. An appeal to the Directorate mini-zoos in such cases it is useless: “we are all one someone bites!” – there shrug. To defend their interests in court also ineffective: the wound of the affected child faster heal. There is only one way to protect their children from the bites – not to be missed contact zoos, thereby not supporting animal abuse.

If the animal has bitten the child

If it so happened that your kid was bitten by an animal from the zoo, you should immediately treat the wound and to require the administration of the institution documents. Each animal must be the passport, which shall include data on its vaccinations, including rabies. If no such information, then your child will have to do the injections for rabies and tetanus.

But even all made by animal inoculation does not insure against infection, because the teeth are much dirt and bacteria that can cause inflammation. So even if you assess the damage as minor as a slight scratch, still contact your doctor.

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