What is the danger of mouldy products

Such products are in any case impossible!

Чим небезпечні запліснявілі продукти

Often in the kitchen and in the fridge you can find a slightly moldy food. For example, the bread that we eat, cut the top layer of which has deteriorated. Experts claim that such products are in any case impossible, informs Rus.Media!

Some types of mold are poisonous, and some of them even can form carcinogenic substances, so-called mycotoxins accumulate in the body, cause cancer. You can cut off the moldy top layer, but do not notice the presence of the fungus in the middle of the product. So do not hesitate and confidently throw away spoiled food.

The same applies to conservation: if under the hood you notice the slightest accumulation of mold, do not risk your health!

Conservation threat because of a spoiled product may develop bacteria botulism. In this case, a simple “percipitate” will not help, as Botulinin wand can withstand prolonged boiling.

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