What is the easiest way to beat depression and heart disease

Как проще победить депрессию и сердечные болезни

The Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry published the results of a new study by American doctors, which indicate the extraordinary usefulness of fitness for the health of the mind and cardiovascular system.

“Fitness for man in middle age healing for depression as antidepressants, but also reduces the risk of developing heart disease in later years”, is given in the journal, the authors, researchers from the University of southwest Texas and the Cooper Institute.

Their study involved almost 18 thousand people, whose average age was 50 years. Watching them prompted scientists to conclude that physical activity is of great importance for States of mind.

In particular, doctors have found that those volunteers who were diagnosed with depression, could lower your risk of death from heart disease by 56% by regularly do fitness. In turn, those people who by the beginning of the project were already in good physical shape, had a 16% lower risk of suffering from depression.

According to scientists, depression is a risk factor for the development of a number of diseases, including heart disease and kidney failure, diabetes, obesity. The person with the violation is difficult to do at the gym on a regular basis, but doctors are encouraged to make every effort to ensure that these classes continued not to give up and to continue, even if there had been a big break.


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