What is the karma of each Zodiac sign

Each of us comes into this world with certain tasks in the course of life to run.

Яка карма у кожного знаку Зодіаку

Every man is your karmic debt. According to astrologers, to know your karmic task is very important. If a person will go against karma, it can never be happy, informs Rus.Media.

Each person receives at birth a certain gift that helps them fulfill their karmic mission.

According to karmic astrology, each person is born with a certain mission. Your karmic debt should not be afraid. When it is given in full, people will really be happy.


Rams receive the gift of the action. Their karmic problems are reduced to the fact that they need to develop the confidence, determination and courage. It will be difficult to achieve something in life if they do not fulfill this karmic task.


Calves from birth receive the gift of power. According to the karmic horoscope, their mission on Earth is the attainment of the dimensions and possibilities of the material world. They are designed to collect material values and use them wisely.


Twins at birth receive the gift of curiosity. They are often soul-searching leads to the fact that all of their questions remain unanswered. The karmic goal of this Sign is to increase knowledge and share them with others.


Cancers receive the gift of family and the gift of the depths of emotions. The karmic debt of the representatives of this Zodiac Sign is the strengthening of family ties, reaching the peak of development of intuition and arrive at the truth.


Leo receives a gift to bring to people the idea of God. According to the horoscope, Leos don’t have to be a believer to carry out his karmic tasks. They need to learn to be leaders, to be strong, generous, merciful and generous. The lions need to do and create, to love and give of himself to the people.


Virgin acquired the ability to analyze. The karmic task of the people of this constellation is to be useful for people to learn to think logically.


Libra have the gift of diplomacy and love. Their karmic debt is to achieve peace and harmony. They must take justice and beauty.


Scorpions have got a difficult gift – the gift of transformation. The karmic task of the representatives of this Zodiac Sign to destroy everything around him to build something new.


Archers received the gift of joy. Karmic horoscope instructs them to give people the light, kindness and joy of life.


Capricorns have received the gift of aspiration and hard work. They should teach people to achieve their goals, be patient, firm and responsible.


Aquarius received the gift of freedom and intelligence of the future. Their main task on Earth is to bring people freedom, friendship, design your ideas and to teach people to look to the future.


Fish are endowed with the understanding of God. This gift imposes on them greater responsibility. The karmic task of the people of this constellation: to accept suffering and limitations imposed by the karma of their ancestors.