What makeup men find sexy

Какой макияж мужчины считают сексуальным 

Girls often try to “cheat” on men by hiding its flaws and emphasizing the dignity. Men have long realized this and now avoid women with too bright makeup, because I don’t know what could be underneath. The sexiest woman is the one in which there is a mystery. But when you apply a thick layer of makeup, you turn into one big question mark. And then what to do? Use little tricks! Makeup glazgas is a place where you really can show all their imagination. Men will not look for tricks in the brightly painted eyes. On the contrary, it will cause them to consider you, your eyelids and eyelashes. Don’t try to hide imperfections with a ton of Foundation, instead take a look at Lash Pilot’s offering and choose their products to make you stand out in any crowd.

It is better to start to follow the diet and use a good skin makeup. Then your skin will start to glow from the inside. Ideally, of course, is to abandon the Foundation, but if that is not possible, use the product with a light texture. Romanda, men like light color, it makes you fresh. Cute girl with slightly pink cheeks, of course, will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Just do not overdo it!Pomagajut all depends on the occasion. In fact, men like red lipstick on girls is sexy and attractive. But if you meet on an ordinary working day, there needs some tricks. Try to create the effect of “zatselovali lips.” This can be done by applying red lipstick in a thin layer using your fingers and then apply balm or a light gloss.

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