What male and female names bring good luck and happiness in marriage

Какие мужские и женские имена приносят удачу и счастье в браке 

It is believed that the name is able to influence only on the nature of man, but also on all spheres of his life. It can attract good luck and happiness, or on the contrary — repel. In matters of love and family, the names of men and women should complement each other. For example, Sergey and Svetlana — “clear” and “light” — perfectly combined to help build a harmonious relationship.If the names of the lovers is short — no more than five letters, it will be easy for them to build relationships, and quarrels will be short-lived.At the same time, long names can bring spouses a long, happy life. In this case, one name is longer, will take a leading position.If the first letters of the names of both halves — the consonants, then they will have common goals that will benefit the marriage. If your wife’s name starts with a vowel letter, then the family will be male. If a vowel starts the name of the husband, the leader in the relationship can become a woman.

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