What men are silent in bed: secret desires untamed males

О чем мужчины молчат в постели: тайные желания неукротимых самцов

Many of the representatives of the stronger sex for a variety of reasons I hesitate to announce the most daring of his fantasies and desires when it comes to an intimate relationship with the beloved. Whether it’s morality or ethics, let’s see: what all the same is silent sneaking those naughty men?

Willingness to discuss your sex life is important

Few men will say openly about it, but they appreciate the ability to discuss intimate experience. Try to hint him that you like and do not like at all. Be careful and try not to hurt the partner! He will definitely hear you and will do everything at its best.+

Another view: how about a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed?

Some couples practice this kind of sex – when all the details of the coitus in every detail are reflected in the bedside mirror on the opposite wall. It is important not to rush this innovation: few will be able to celebrate that.+

What we actually know?

Even fewer men are willing to openly discuss the issues affecting female orgasm. Not worth the wait or weary man; take here and now. Advice me in the right direction approving moans or heated kisses, take the initiative into their own hands, and the man will appreciate your activity.+


Despite the fact that regular sex “on schedule” is a cool and stable, but spontaneous lovemaking intimacy adds some piquancy. Whether it’s a shower or a new toy in bed – try and do the unexpected for a partner!+


Men love to discuss with female partners sexual fantasies. Try it: it will get both and embellish the relationship. You can start an open discussion, voicing their own imagination. Partner will support you and appreciate!+


Any making love can be bright and not forgettable. It is possible to diversify a little bit the usual course of business: take a belt, a blindfold, and rein his partner. Be active and give your loved pleasure, he will reward you.+

What’s with the activity?

Anyone familiar pose of “horsewoman”. If you allow a man to be active when you are on top, this can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results.

Rudeness and discipline

“50 shades of grey” is a perfect example of what a man is not immediately recognized the second half. But the majority of the representatives of the stronger sex dream at least once, but to repeat the stunts that are done in the movie, a wealthy and powerful man.+


Some of the males love rough animal sex: when the Laundry falls from the body, you hold each other, and literally merge into a single and loud groan.+

Before you try to find the hidden desires of his men, try to study his reaction to a small innovation: be a little rougher or tie him up. He will understand that it is satisfied with started you. Everything is in your hands, ladies!

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