What men choose women

Каких мужчин выбирают женщины 

Question about female selection criteria men are worried about, oddly enough, both sexes. Girls are also not averse to unravel the mystery of a biologically embedded program and to understand what attracts them in the first place. “Rambler” explains how men from the point of view of psychology provide the fairer sex an indelible impression.In the women’s selection is really a lot is at stake unconscious. Instinct says that trim out the macho man is able to conceive a healthy child, a typical male image still seems most attractive during ovulation.It is necessary to say that women are really important resources that can provide a man. First and foremost, we are not talking about commercialism, but only about how to provide offspring with all the necessary. As before valued the ability of the stronger sex to bring more food, and now a deep pocket plays an important role in choosing a partner.Part of the appeal for the purpose of conceiving children female unconscious draws attention to high growth, the presence of a small tummy and chest hair. But men with overweight automatically associated as unable to continue the race, but also to live less than it should be, leaving the offspring without protection. Similar called instinctive insinuations that, it would seem that in the XXI century should become history. However, encountered at every step examples suggest that fundamentally nothing has changed, is the place to be only transformation. For example, the ability to earn a lot of money in our time is based on the level of intelligence; a characteristic that is slowly replacing big biceps.Note that the search of the fairer sex often boils down to a desire to “be like a stone wall”. Following this principle, the woman chooses a man who was stronger than her both physically and psychologically. In addition, the choice of partner is influenced by the presence of a sense of humor, well-developed willpower, ability to take responsibility, confidence and determination.However, the above-mentioned qualities are not required in the ballot women. Still, each lady chooses she needs the ratio of male characteristics, from which subsequently his verdict, which often depends on what goal she pursues in search of a partner.

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