What men talk about when there are no women

О чем говорят мужчины, когда рядом нет женщин 

What is often telling men as it is women? What topics are most discussed among men.Statistics pokazyvaet 2014 British scientists conducted a survey and found out what topics men in his dialogues affected most often:Jansenisme and desirability of paradiplospinus living in London, replied firmly that when meeting with friends, they are constantly discussing the behavior of women, remember a situation of life associated with women that interest them. Men’s modesty and secrecy is a myth. Scientists have proved that man is always someone who will talk about their personal victories and don’t mention about love defeats.Will jansenistic to note that most young people are not talking about their women, and discussing colleagues, various Actresses, cute waitresses and neighbors in an apartment building. Psychologists note: this communication helps males to assert themselves and demonstrate good taste.Family and diligentia men in conversation with friends love to share their successes in raising children. Fathers, praising their child, even if the rest of the men in the company still no children. Every father thinks his child the best and will not miss a moment to tell you a funny or memorable event, associated with a son or daughter.Rabotami are achieving at work: a new tender premium, purchase of tickets to a vacation and a raise. Men love to compare themselves even with close friends, making sure progressed much further up the career ladder.Politicalese one common theme in male company. Men will never refuse to Express their point of view and find reasons of failures in the economic sphere of the country.Sportmedia men are addicted to various sports, they not only watch football and basketball games, but prefer to get to the gym or to play tennis. They are happy to discuss the progress of your favorite teams regret their failures and build a new strategy for players.

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