What Montreal could impose

Ce que Montréal pourrait imposer

Félix Séguin

By declaring the state of emergency, yesterday, Montréal has given the tools to apply a series of measures that would limit, among others, the displacement of citizens. They fall under four broad stages, from the most permissive to the most restrictive. The first measure is already applied, others might be in the next few days ; still others are so restrictive that they may simply never be announced.

Measures already taken


This step was taken when, in his press briefing daily yesterday, the prime minister François Legault has incited citizens to avoid being returned to Montreal if this is not absolutely necessary.

However, it is a serious recommendation, not an order within the meaning of the act.

Applied measurement in part


Only the places where the transmission of coronavirus is the most worrying would be the subject of special measures.

We could increase the number of patrol police to ensure that residents comply with the guidelines issued by the public health.

The mayor, Valerie Plant, also alluded to yesterday.

One might also ask residents to stay home all the time. In such a scenario, a single individual per family would have the right to go out to buy groceries, for example.

According to our sources, the sectors of Côte-Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Notre-Dame-de-Grace and Parc-Extension are the object of a close follow up on authorities because the number of cases is particularly high.

It is expected that some of the measures included in this second step are applied, during the next few days.

Possible measures


If such a measure were applied, it would be prohibited to enter the island of Montreal, except for workers in essential services.

This would require us to install points of police control on the 18 bridges which allow access to the island.

For example, a nurse who goes to work would be allowed to enter the island by car. But someone who would like to visit one friend should turn back.

According to our sources, it should be 270 police officers to block access.


Such a scenario has very little chance of seeing the day and would be difficult to implement.

It would mean that no one can get in and out of the island, not even the workers of essential services.

This would mean you can stay temporarily in Montreal for essential workers, like police officers and firefighters.

However, 80 % of police officers and firefighters montrealers live outside of the island, according to data from 2010.

The total containment would therefore stay temporarily on the island of many workers.

According to our information, there was a question in the last days of reserving a block of 500 hotel rooms for police officers and firefighters, in anticipation of this event.

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