What names forbidden in different countries

Какие  имена запрещены в разных странах мира

It would seem that in this age of personal freedoms should not be restrictions on what parents name their baby. However, in different countries some names came under a direct prohibition, according to Law and Business.

For example, in Switzerland it is impossible to give the child a name similar to a famous brand. In France, the court did not allow parents to name their daughter after the chocolate paste, and Sweden — as well as the well-known furniture store, according to Travel & Leisure.

In Mexico the authorities do not allow parents to name their baby goonie.

In Japanese Akuma means “devil”, and the government encourages moms and dads to choose for children more euphonious name. In New Zealand Lucifer and a number of potentially offensive names under an outright ban.

In Portugal it is impossible to register a child Tom, you can — only Thomas. The country banned the abridged versions as the formal names.

In Malaysia is not allowed to name their kids after fruits and vegetables. In Italy my father was forbidden to give the child the name of Friday, it fell into the category of “ridiculous or shameful”.

In Ukraine the draft law on the ban of a number of names has been initiated but not rejected. So while kids still choose names like Doll, Cinderella, the Sultan, Cherries, my Lord.

Note that in England young parents are invited to a special service where linguists check the sound and meaning of the name in all languages of the world, to be sure that the selected name in any country in the world will be discordant or have an unexpected value.

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