What not to do when starting the engine in a strong frost

Errors when starting the engine in winter.

Що не можна робити при запуску двигуна в сильний мороз

In the winter the car needs to be careful, because the temperature drops and frost affect the operation of the mechanisms. This also applies to the problems of cold start, informs Rus.Media.

What actions not to do when starting the machine in severe frost?

  1. Just to run the starter. Before starting the machine, turn on the ignition and wait a few seconds. After all the extra icons on the instrument panel goes out you can turn the ignition key to the “ON”position.
  2. If you don’t squeeze the clutch pedal before starting, then the starter will be overloaded. Pressing on the pedal when starting, the motor is “disconnected” from the transmission, thereby facilitating startup.
  3. The number of unsuccessful attempts. In the case when after several attempts the starter “doesn’t grasp” it is not necessary to repeat it many times. Such actions can lead to flooding of the spark plugs. Hold the ignition key in position “START” can be no more than 10 seconds, with a small number of approaches. If you are still unsuccessful, it is better to leave the car and find out the reason.
  4. The longer, the worse. For example, the engine started without any complaints. And we can carefully get under way, but no – the driver waits for another 10-15 minutes. He is convinced that in the frosty time of year the engine must run at idle, but it is a profound mistake. One or two minutes of assemblies and systems is enough to “regroup” and get to work.