What problems says dry skin on elbows

О каких проблемах говорит сухая кожа на локтях

The dermatologist Irina Skorohodova told what diseases can say dry skin on the elbows. This condition is not the norm, she said.

О каких проблемах говорит сухая кожа на локтях

The dryness of a particular area of the skin, for example, elbows, evidence of diseases and disorders in the body.

— Dry skin is always characteristic of atopic i.e. allergic, conditions: dermatitis, asthma, vasomotor rhinitis, and sometimes food allergies. Also on elbows may appear psoriasis outbreaks, said the doctor.

Often dry elbows can be associated with hyperkeratosis, that is, excessive growth of the Horny layer of the epidermis. Hyperkeratosis can occur as a result of mechanical impact on the skin, for example, the pressure on the elbows when sitting at the table.

According to dermatologist, the skin is the first barrier that protects people from the external environment. If it is damaged, then start the regeneration process, and therefore there are local changes: the skin thickens, becomes drier, there is the underlined skin drawing.

The same applies to the processing of the heels with a pumice stone or nail file: the more you shoot the stratum corneum, the more it grows, the doctor said.

Also, the cause may be various endocrine disorders and lack of vitamins.

Sebum occurs under the influence of hormones, is primarily androgens and estrogens. If these hormones are produced less, the skin remains dry. Pronounced changes in the skin occur in diabetes.

You need to consult a dermatologist, and if the problem is deeper, your doctor will refer to an endocrinologist or a gastroenterologist.

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